[lucida] Installation issue solved

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at icloud.com
Fri Apr 29 20:55:13 CEST 2022

> On 29 Apr 2022, at 20:13, R Martinez <rm.tech at mac.com> wrote:
> Your solution worked like a charm. I am now able to typeset all the test files with both Lucida OT and T1 fonts. 

Glad this worked!

> I did have to make a change in the Terminal commands. After changing directory via "cd ~/Downloads”, the system would not let me unzip the file lucidaot1-tex.zip and issued the following messages:
> 	error:  cannot open zipfile [ lucidaot1-tex.zip ]
>         Operation not permitted
> 	unzip:  cannot find or open lucidaot1-tex.zip, lucidaot1-tex.zip.zip or lucidaot1-tex.zip.ZIP.
> Whereupon I tried the following command: 
> 	RaulMart2 at Rauls-M1-MacBook-Pro Downloads % ls
> and the result was 
> 	ls: .: Operation not permitted
> So it seems the Downloads folder has restrictions on its use, restrictions that I did not want to spend time figuring out.

This is not normal. Something must have gone wrong in the permissions in your home directory. When you're there and you do a "ls -l", you should get something like, for the standard folders,

drwx------@  17 brunovoisin  staff   544 Apr 29 10:59 Desktop
drwx------@  26 brunovoisin  staff   832 Apr 24 16:21 Documents
drwx------@ 194 brunovoisin  staff  6208 Apr 28 23:00 Downloads
drwx------+ 102 brunovoisin  staff  3264 Apr 12 17:13 Library
drwx------    8 brunovoisin  staff   256 Dec 28  2020 Movies
drwx------+   7 brunovoisin  staff   224 Dec 28  2020 Music
drwx------+   5 brunovoisin  staff   160 Sep 14  2021 Pictures
drwxr-xr-x+   4 brunovoisin  staff   128 Nov 25  2020 Public

The second to fourth permissions are for you (the user) and mean

r	you can read the folder
w	you can write to the folder (ie modify it) 
x	you can execute the folder (ie list its content and get inside it)

Not getting this means something's not right. As you wrote, getting things right needs time and, given things work OK for you right now, this is not a pressing matter. But you may want to get an appointment at a Mac genius bar if you have one nearby, or talk to a local Mac guru, to get things sorted out.

Enjoy the Lucida fonts!


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