[lucida] issues with Lucida fonts

Frank Mittelbach frank.mittelbach at latex-project.org
Sat Dec 18 23:22:25 CET 2021

Am 18.12.21 um 22:55 schrieb Karl Berry:
>      as I said I think the package should either explicitly set T1 or check
>      for the state and if \f at encoding is OT1 warn or error (as far as the
>      text fonts are concerned)
> I agree in principle, but in practice as long as there is a way to
> achieve good output (with [T1]{fontenc}), such improvements are low
> priority for me.  I gather T1 didn't solve everything; I'll look at
> the rest, and the doc, as soon as I have a chance.

you misunderstand my bug report:

-  the OT1 fonts have been removed (they have been there in the earlier 

    as a result the styles do not work unless you explicitly set T1 or 
LY1 as an encoding. If that is the case I think it is advisable to 
explicitly check if the fontencoding is OT1 and warn or error (or 
alternatively set it to T1 silently (which is what lmodern does)

but this is only a minor point

   more problematical is that the sty sets up math to use OT1 by default 
(which simply doesn't exist as a result you get CMR OT1 in certain 
situation unless you call the style with T1 as an option (which then 
sets up T1 fonts for math). This is caused by the removal of the OT1 
type 1 fonts (as I said the older release did have them included).

finally, the bold fonts aren't used unless you specify "expert" which 
was needed way back because the bold was probably separate but now it is 
there so again it is simply plain wrong and should be set by default

finally the order of loading amsmath ansd lucidabr should not matter but 
it does (lucidabr tries to avoid that but left out \relbar as demonstrated.

all fairly easy to fix  but without a sensible place where the sources 
are stored (the style files I mean) it is a bit hard to do anything more 
than writing such a bug example. If it would be in some git repository I 
could have instead send a pull request

> Of course it'd be fantastic if a new volunteer came forward to work on
> lucidabr, making the updates you suggest and more. But this has not
> happened yet :(. --karl

well yes, but there is some level of responsibility with TUG imho if the 
fonts are sold. Of course, one can argument all that is sold are the 
fonts the rest is "goodwill take as it is" but it isn't a great sales 
line :-) and the files state differently

seasonal greetings

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