[lucida] issues with Lucida fonts

Frank Mittelbach frank.mittelbach at latex-project.org
Sat Dec 18 10:24:22 CET 2021

Hi Bruno

I mode one mistake in the example, I had the expert option set (which is 
not the default), it should have been commented out as well as the first 
load of amsmath.

basically you get broken overarrows, with the secquence


regardless of using fontsenc T1 or not
> I've had a quick look. As a comparison I also used Walter Schmidt's lucimatx from PCTeX.

that is not available to anybody is it (other you bought the fonts from 
PCTeX at one point) or am I mistaken?

> - As for the documentation not mentioning the OT1 issue, part of the reason I think is that lucidabr.pdf is not a proper doc, it's more the commented source code. The actual doc, explaining the package options and so forth, is lucidabr.txt which had mistakenly disappeared for some years along the way, but has recently been put back into the TUG distro (and on CTAN I think) by Karl.

as I said I think the package should either explicitly set T1 or check 
for the state and if \f at encoding is OT1 warn or error (as far as the 
text fonts are concerned)

The OT1 issue for math is that the lucidamath setup is setting things up 
for OT1 font but they aren't distributed any longer as virtual fonts, so 
the whole code is dead, and therefore the "bold" math version is 
crippled (only containing a few bold fonts but mainly the regular ones)
This is why in addition to fontenc T1 for the text fonts you need the 
option T1 to make the math use T1 too

here I think the T1 setup should be made the only one (and the default) 
and the OT1 setup removed if the fonts are not supplied

by the way, that would happen also if you use otf fonts for text but if 
you do not want to use unicode-math (which has its own set of issues) 
but traditional math setup

> I must admit I rarely ever use the T1 Lucida fonts any longer these days, I use the OpenType version with fontspec and unicode-math instead.

  for the Companion the setup is so elaborated that I decided to stay 
with a pdftex workflow and I just noticed the issues when I was  making 
examples for one package and got the weird overarrows ... and getting to 
the bottom of that (ie the dependency on amsmath loading order) I 
noticed the other ones (eg boldmath not working without "expert" option)


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