[lucida] Small Caps Bold ** in Lucida type 1 fonts

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Dec 23 03:43:57 CET 2020

    I don't know exactly which set of VF/TFM files I have, those distributed
    by CTAN/TUG or those distributed by PCTeX

They should be identical. They definitely were at one point, and I
suspect they still are. Walter Schmidt generated the metrics originally,
and both TUG and PCTeX distributed them. TUG has not changed its set,
I can say that much for sure.

Walter has not yet replied to my query about updating the vf; I'll write
him again at some point.

    - egreg explained that this is a bug in the bold small caps font lbdsc.pfb
    - Then egreg proposed modifying the virtual font hlhbc8t ...
    can't work for hlhbc8y though, which is a simple rencoding of hlhbc8r ...

Sounds right. It's unfortunate. I doubt B&H will want to touch the pfb
files, but I'll ask.

    the same bug is present in the OpenType version of the font,

Thanks for testing ... although, ugh. B&H will have to update that too.

I guess in the meantime the possible workaround for the other encodings
(Type1) and for OT is to typeset the correct c and the cedilla accent

    caps ç is the same "x-height" (hoping this is the proper term) 

Yes, it is.

    the bold small caps ç is actually the bold lowercase glyph hence
    slightly smaller.

Yes :(.

Thanks for all,

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