[lucida] Lucida installation problem

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 09:36:07 CEST 2017

On 08/04/2017 01:40 AM, David Saunders wrote:

> Can I say, though, that I'm pretty certain there was no earlier version 
> of TeX on this machine, and that my installation of TeX Live yesterday 
> was the first (and only) copy.

Right, but then you installed TeXworks, and as it has a dependency on 
TeXLive ---and the system doesn't know about manually installed 
TeXLive-- the installer (apt, synaptic...) got TeXLive from the 

Then, as TUG's TeXLive wasn't in your path at all (as first you set the 
path with i386) and later it was, but at the end of your path, so the 
system used that from the repositories, as Norbert has showed with the 
code you submitted:

>> $ tex testfont
>> This is TeX, Version 3.14159265 (TeX Live 2015/Debian) (preloaded
>                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> As you see, you are running TeX Live from Debian

To let Debian (and derivatives: Ubuntu et al.) know that you have a 
manually installed TeXLive, see this page:


section «Integrating vanilla TeX Live with Debian», by Norbert himself. 
This is what I do, but if you're not short of disk space, you can leave 
the Debian distribution, just put TUG's TeXLive at the beginning of your 



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