[lucida] lucida.pfb & lucida.pfm files which I bought originally from the now defunct Y&Y

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at icloud.com
Wed Mar 4 00:51:34 CET 2015

Le 3 mars 2015 à 23:03, Dirk Bollaerts <dirk.bollaerts at pandora.be> a écrit :
> I have upgraded my MikTeX 2.9 and since then nothing about lucida works 
> anymore.  I try and try, but everything goes wrong.
> [...]
> Now lbr.pfb is surely cached, but pdftex keeps complaining about lbr.pfb 
> is not found, though it is in my typei fonts directory and
> is also cached in appdata.

Could you post an error message, something that gives an indication on exactly what is going wrong? Without this, it's impossible to help.

Also, if I understand correctly, you had a working setup with MikTeX and your old Lucida fonts; then you upgraded to a more recent MikTeX and suddenly the Lucida fonts are no longer found. Is this what you mean, or did I understand wrong?

Other than that, my most likely recommendation would be to:

- Add back in MikTeX the old lucidabr-o.map and lumath-o.map (attached) from teTeX so that MikTeX knows which PFB font files to associate with the old-style metrics names lbr.tfm etc., in case your .tex files use these names. (Given you got the fonts from Y&Y I imagine this is likely.)

- Create symlinks in case these metrics files are missing, to those like hlhr8y.tfm which are part of the current Lucida Type 1 distro. I cannot speak for MikTeX or Windows for that matter, but on the Mac here are the symlinks I created (in teTeX this was all done through an aliases file):

hlcbot8y.tfm lbtbo.tfm
hlcbt8y.tfm lbtb.tfm
hlcda.tfm lbmad.tfm
hlcdim.tfm lbmdi.tfm
hlcdima.tfm lbmdo.tfm
hlcdm.tfm lbmd.tfm
hlcdy.tfm lbmsd.tfm
hlcra.tfm lbma.tfm
hlcrf8y.tfm lbl.tfm
hlcrie8y.tfm lbc.tfm
hlcrim.tfm lbmi.tfm
hlcrima.tfm lbmo.tfm
hlcrin8y.tfm lbki.tfm
hlcriw8y.tfm lbh.tfm
hlcrm.tfm lbmr.tfm
hlcrn8y.tfm lbkr.tfm
hlcrot8y.tfm lbto.tfm
hlcrt8y.tfm lbtr.tfm
hlcrv.tfm lbme.tfm
hlcry.tfm lbms.tfm
hlhb8y.tfm lbd.tfm
hlhbc8y.tfm lbdsc.tfm
hlhbi8y.tfm lbdi.tfm
hlhr8y.tfm lbr.tfm
hlhrc8y.tfm lbrsc.tfm
hlhri8y.tfm lbi.tfm
hlhro8y.tfm lbsl.tfm
hlsb8y.tfm lsd.tfm
hlsbi8y.tfm lsdi.tfm
hlsbot8y.tfm lstbo.tfm
hlsbt8y.tfm lstb.tfm
hlsr8y.tfm lsr.tfm
hlsri8y.tfm lsi.tfm
hlsrot8y.tfm lsto.tfm
hlsrt8y.tfm lstr.tfm
hlsu8y.tfm lsb.tfm
hlsui8y.tfm lsbi.tfm
hlxb8y.tfm lfd.tfm
hlxbi8y.tfm lfdi.tfm
hlxr8y.tfm lfr.tfm
hlxri8y.tfm lfi.tfm

Hope this helps,

Bruno Voisin

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