[lucida] Best header definitions?

Paul Gessler pdgessler at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 23:19:32 CET 2015

Hi Robert and list,

Some time ago, I created a small package, with contents nearly
identical to your code above, that I use locally. I considered
uploading it to CTAN but haven't done so yet, mainly because it seems
so trivial.

But, that said, it really should be easier to use these fonts in a
document. Maybe others on this list have thoughts about this? I'd be
happy to put my package on CTAN and maintain it if others think it
would be useful.

Thanks for bringing this up; it's been a while since I wrote the
little package and I'd mostly forgotten about sharing the package.


On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 3:44 PM, Robert Almgren <almgren at cims.nyu.edu> wrote:
> I write math documents using the Lucida fonts purchased from TUG. About a year and ahalf ago, Karl Berry and Bruno Voisin gave me some very helpful advice (thanks, guys!) on header definitions to make full use of them. It has always seemed to me that these definitions are more complicated than they need to be, and I wonder if there would be a simpler way to do it? Or is there a standard header file that would do it?
> My ArticleLucida template file is attached, and I excerpt the main definitions below. I am using a Mac with the TeXLive 2015 distribution and TeXshop front end. I use Xelatex as the engine. Latest versions of all packages as per tlmgr.
> Many thanks for any help or advice!
>                                            --Robert Almgren
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> \usepackage{amsmath}
> \usepackage{fontspec}      % support opentype text fonts
> \usepackage{unicode-math}  % support opentype math fonts
> \defaultfontfeatures{Ligatures=TeX}
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> %
> \setmainfont[
>       ItalicFont=LucidaBrightOT-Italic.otf,
>         BoldFont=LucidaBrightOT-Demi.otf,
>   BoldItalicFont=LucidaBrightOT-DemiItalic.otf,
>   ]{LucidaBrightOT.otf}
> \setsansfont[
>       ItalicFont=LucidaSansOT-Italic.otf,
>         BoldFont=LucidaSansOT-Demi.otf,
>   BoldItalicFont=LucidaSansOT-DemiItalic.otf,
>   ]{LucidaSansOT.otf}
> \setmonofont[
>       ItalicFont=LucidaSansTypewriterOT-Oblique.otf,
>         BoldFont=LucidaSansTypewriterOT-Bold.otf,
>   BoldItalicFont=LucidaSansTypewriterOT-BoldOblique.otf,
>   ]{LucidaSansTypewriterOT.otf}
> \setmathfont{LucidaBrightMathOT.otf}
> \newfontface\LucidaBlackletter{LucidaBlackletterOT.otf}
> \newfontface\LucidaCalligraphy{LucidaCalligraphyOT.otf}
> \newfontface\LucidaHandwriting{LucidaHandwritingOT.otf}
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