[lucida] TeXShop installation of Lucida fonts

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Feb 21 01:41:25 CET 2011

    Tex Live 2010 is checked.

Drat.  Now I'm confused.

    So how do we go about finding out where usr/texbin is pointing?

In the terminal, just run
  ls -l /usr/texbin 

The result should tell us.

Beyond that, here's a possible way to get the thing going for now, at
least.  Run:
  kpsewhich updmap.cfg

This should return the full file name of the updmap.cfg being used.
For the sake of example, say it's /foo/updmap.cfg (of course the real
path will be much longer).

Make a copy of it in /tmp case of disaster:
  cp /foo/updmap.cfg /tmp

Then run this command to add the lucida line by hand.  I expect you'll
have to be root to do this. Hence:
  sudo /bin/sh
  <enter your sudo password as usual>

And then:
  echo "Map lucida.map" >> /foo/updmap.cfg

(It is *crucial* to type two >>'s, not just one!)

After that, rerun the sudo updmap-sys ...

If any questions or unease about this, we can keep pursuing.  This was
just the way that came to mind to (hopefully) make things work "by hand".

Hope it flies,

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