[lucida] Font problem

David Saunders david at symplectic.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 09:34:48 CET 2006

Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi David,
>     \localtexmf\fonts\pk\modeless\bh\lucida\dpi466 there is indeed no file 
>     hlcry.pk, though there are various other .pk files, and there are 
>     hlcry.pk files at other sizes.
> This would seem to indicate a bug in Ghostscript or (less likely) gsf2pk
> that is exposed at this particular resolution.  Maybe updating gs is
> worth a try?
Karl, thanks for your suggestions.

I took a look at some version numbers and discovered that I was using 
MikTeX 2.4. There's supposed to be an upgrade mechanism to 2.5, but I 
couldn't find it so I downloaded and installed 2.5 -- and couldn't get 
the Lucida fonts to work at all. Not having the time to fiddle around, I 
removed 2.5 completely and replaced 2.4 from my backup. Wonders! 
Everything worked, including the rogue font. So now I'm happy, even 
though it's not very scientific ...

Best wishes


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