[lucida] Font problem

juan mari alberdi wapalgaj at sq.ehu.es
Thu Nov 16 13:30:48 CET 2006


I also had problems with fonts when updating from MiKTeX 2.4 to version  
2.5. Sometimes YAP couldn't find some of my .tmf files. More people have  
had problems with fonts, as it can be read at


MiKTeX 2.5 has changed the local files directory tree. In my case I  
couldn't find my psfonts.map file because in my Windows installation the  
file searching facility could not find some of my MiKTeX files, in  
particular the psfonts.map file. I had to run 'initexmf --mkmaps' and make  
sure the new 'psfonts.map' was there (in my All Users directory), and that  
it contained the mapping instructions to my .tmf files. You can search for  
your map files with 'updmap --verbose'.


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