[lucida] Some LaTeX symbols

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Aug 19 00:20:24 CEST 2006

    It seems to me that the Lucida symbols have slightly thicker lines

It is probably true, not just an illusion.  Lucida is a somewhat "heavy"
design.  (To help keep it from dropping out at low resolutions.)

    Is there no "real" diamond in the Lucida fonts ?

I'm not sure I would recognize an acceptable diamond if I saw one :),
but if you run

pdftex testfont
Name of the font to test = hlcra

You should get a testfont.pdf showing every character in the "arrows"
font, which I believe (from lucidabr.sty) is where the diamonds come
from.  Can you try this, and advise?

At any rate, your workaround to get the \square and \Diamond from msam
and lasy seems about as clean as it can be.  I'll try to add this to the
documentation somewhere.

(And again, if anyone would like to volunteer to take over
documentation/etc. lucida updates, *please* let me know.  I feel bad,
since Lucida involves actual money, but I just can't make it a top
priority for myself ...)


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