[lucida] Some LaTeX symbols

Josep M. Font jmfont at inicia.es
Sat Aug 19 01:19:19 CEST 2006

El 19/08/2006, a las 0:20, Karl Berry escribió:

>     Is there no "real" diamond in the Lucida fonts ?
> I'm not sure I would recognize an acceptable diamond if I saw one :),
> but if you run
> pdftex testfont
> ...
> Name of the font to test = hlcra
> ...
> \table
> \end
> You should get a testfont.pdf showing every character in the "arrows"
> font, which I believe (from lucidabr.sty) is where the diamonds come
> from.  Can you try this, and advise?

Interesting! It has worked OK. It is curious that I see no diamond in  
the font: There are white/empty lozenges (position '010 and '011) and  
a *black/filled* diamond ('012), but not a white/empty one! In teh  
nearby positions we find white and black circles, squares, and  
triangles up and down. Strange, isn't it ?

I wonder whether the designers could add it: there are enough empty  
positions in this font.

> At any rate, your workaround to get the \square and \Diamond from msam
> and lasy seems about as clean as it can be.  I'll try to add this  
> to the
> documentation somewhere.

After some hesitation, I have concluded that it is not worth  
correcting \square; the one produced by Lucida is balanced, well  
positioned, and it matches well with \Diamond produced by Lasy. So I  
would just address the issue of \Diamond, as the shape is not that of  
a \lonzenge!



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