[luatex] Ligatures

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Fri Mar 19 13:20:14 CET 2021

Hans Hagen wrote:

> because there is a dflt/dflt script/language entry in the features 
> table of those fonts and features are driven by script/language 
> combinations (while the other font has latn/dflt ... it could be that 
> you'd have to set latn/eng because not all latin scripts might like 
> these ligatures)

Herbert Voss wrote:

> bash-3.2$ otfinfo -s MinionPro-Regular.otf
> DFLT        Default
> cyrl        Cyrillic
> cyrl.SRB    Cyrillic/Serbian
> grek        Greek
> latn        Latin
> latn.AZE    Latin/Azeri
> latn.CRT    Latin/Crimean Tatar
> latn.DEU    Latin/German
> latn.MOL    Latin/Moldavian
> latn.ROM    Latin/Romanian
> latn.TRK    Latin/Turkish
> bash-3.2$ otfinfo -s ACaslonPro-Regular.otf
> latn        Latin
> latn.MOL    Latin/Moldavian
> latn.ROM    Latin/Romanian
> latn.TUR    Latin/Turkish

My thanks to you both.  I don't pretend for one second to understand the 
OTFinfo outputs at the moment, but I will go away and study them and see 
what I can learn ...
** Phil (Philip Taylor)
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