[luatex] about calling of \everypar command after end of the list.

Alexander Kozlovskiy k.sasha1994 at yandex.ru
Mon Oct 26 14:32:37 CET 2020

Hello David. You wrote
> No it is simply completely off topic here, this list is about luatex 
> and your question is about latex applies equally to all the tex engines.
Ok,how i can subscribe in latex mailing list?
>  As I tried to show in the stackexchange answer the other day, it is 
> called but it is empty at that point.
Ok,but why when i use \everypar{\some_command} after end of the list 
this command not calls,as it works for 
chapter,section,subsection,subsubsection and paragraph,when i use 
\everypar after each from this?
> I showed how you can set things up to preserve your tokens without 
> breaking the list implementation.
Ok,thank you very much for your example again. Your help was very 
usefull for me. But can you please answer on my questions,which i asked 
at the first message (if it's off topic,you can do it privately to 
k.sasha1994 at yandex.ru). If you haven't the time and/or the will,please 
advice me articles,which help me understand all,what i asked in my first 
email. Whether this problem will be only for lists,or,for example,for 
tables to? Thank you very much for your help and reply.

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