[luatex] Use Math Glyphs from Text Font

Diederick C. Niehorster dcnieho at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 17:57:39 CEST 2010

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 05:27, C. Comren <ccomren at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Then you can use unicode-math package, check its documentation
>> especially the "using multiple fonts section".
> I tried
> \setmathfont[range=\mathbfsfit/{greek,Greek}]{NameOfTheFont}
> LuaLaTeX complains that the font does not contain script "Math" and
> produces a PDF without any math in it.

You might also try using the mathspec package, although its designed
only for Xe(La)TeX for as far as I know. It does the job of switching
the latin and greek characters to a specified font, without touching
operators. I am not sure if it works on luatex at all (actually, the
fact that Khaled and Will didn't mention it probably means that it
doesn't), but give it a spin.


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