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Khaled Hosny khaledhosny at eglug.org
Mon Jun 28 13:14:42 CEST 2010

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 12:47:21PM +0200, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:
> Le 27/06/2010 17:46, Elie Roux a écrit :
> > Ulrike Fischer a écrit :
> >> As far as I understood him (I had written him about it too) he
> >> simply doesn't want to make the impression that xunicode is lualatex
> >> compatible when he actually doesn't know it. 
> >>   
> > 
> > Precisely.
> > 
> That's also what I understood. I don't find this position ridiculous as you do,
> Élie, but of course the consequences are a bit annoying.

I don't find it ridiculous, but rather useless, as this discussion shows
that luatex users are likely to get this worked around anyway, and
nobody will ever know that Ross doesn't deem xunicode luatex compatible,
for whatever this is supposed to mean.

In free, openly developed software, user community have to take part of
development process, if only by testing and reporting bugs, you don't
wait for 10 years to test every aspect of your software yourself before
declaring it stable.

So I don't see how fixing the check in xunicode itself is different than
cheating about it in another package.


 Khaled Hosny
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