[lltx] euxunicode

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Sun Jun 27 17:37:47 CEST 2010

Am Sun, 27 Jun 2010 17:06:05 +0200 schrieb Elie Roux:

>> after an update of the euenc-package I saw that it now includes a
>> version of xunicode euxunicode loaded in a lualatex run by
>> eu2enc.def.
>> 1. I don't quite understand the need. I have been using xunicode
>> quite happily with lualatex. You only need to define \XeTeXpicfile
>> e.g. with 
>> \ifluatex
>>  \def\XeTeXpicfile{}%für xunicode
>> \fi
>> to cheat the ifxetex-test of xunicode.
> This cheating seems terribly wrong... 

Well I have seen worse ;-)

> but euxunicode is also wrong 
> anyway, its reason of existance if the fact that Ross Moore refuses to 
> remove the test for XeTeX... I admit this is a totally ridiculous 
> situation, but I'm kind of used to it in the TeX world ;)

As far as I understood him (I had written him about it too) he
simply doesn't want to make the impression that xunicode is lualatex
compatible when he actually doesn't know it. 

>> 2. euxunicode contains a \@TestForWongPackage executed at
>> \begin{document} which also tests for xunicode. But in this case the
>> command is quite useless, you would get a lot of error messages
>> before (e.g. from all the \newcommand in xunicode). Why doesn't
>> euxunicode disable the loading of xunicode completly with
>> \expandafter\def\csname ver at xunicode.sty\endcsname?

Looks as if gmane doesn't like the word "xunicode.sty". Well I hope
you understood. 

> Do you (all) think a more appropriate solution would be to make a 
> euxunicode package containing
> \ifluatex
>  \def\XeTeXpicfile{}
> \fi
> \RequirePackage{xunicode}

I would say it would be better. There would be only one list of all
the definitions. And it would mean that xunicode is tested by the
lualatex users - and so Ross could get some feed back about possible

Also it should be easy for xelatex users to try out lualatex. A lot
of this users load xunicode. One should avoid to force them to
remove a package or to add a lot of \ifxetex-switches -- not only to
make life easier for the users but also for people like me who tries
to explain them how to switch from pdftex to a unicode engine like
xetex or luatex.

Ulrike Fischer 

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