[lltx] bidi package extended for LuaLaTeX

Vafa Khalighi vafa at users.berlios.de
Sun Apr 4 13:05:00 CEST 2010

Now, hopefully, you can see why bidi is more than 7000 of TeX macros, for a
small thing such as tabular, you have got to do too many macro programming.
Yes, bidi implementation sounds easy but in practice it is the most
complicated and frustrating kind of macro programming. The hardest part is
that you should be doing things carefully and clearly so that it meets the
needs of every single bidi user.

But this is luatex, bidi implementation in xetex is much worser and harder
for xetex where you only have \beginL, \endL, \beginR and \endR but plenty
of things to fix. Making tabular in luatex, is super-easy but making it RTL
in xetex is a pain, especially when you notice that you are the only one
doing this and you know just more than anybody else. Again, this is just
tabular, a small fraction of what you have got to fix. There are heaps of
other things to fix.

Best wishes,
Vafa Khalighi

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