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Sorry, busy around here.  Thank you for the prompt.

For the context, here is the whole paragraph, in the section on Line Breaking.

> A common workflow is to get a final version of the document content before taking a final pass through and considering line breaks (and page breaks). This differs from word processing, where you are formatting text as you input it. Putting these off until the end prevents a lot of fiddling with breaks that will change anyway.

I think it is correct, as it stands, and that it makes a point that is worth making.  In LaTeX there are often last-pass changes that an author does.  This does, in my experience, differ from workflows of typical authors in, say, Word.  In addition, the concept of not formatting as you write is new to many people.  (I'll also mention that at least in English, a person would not refer to LaTeX as a word processor since it does not fold in the editing, the string-pushing.)


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Le lun. 23 août 2021 à 19:12, Vincent Belaïche
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> Propagating r636 by Jim.
> I would like to remove the whole sentence « This differs from word
> processing, where you are formatting text as you input it. », added in
>  node « Line breaking » :
> * I don't think it has any added value about LaTeX
> * LaTeX is also a word processor, this document is a reference manual,
> not a sale pitch,
> * usually when you use so called WYSIWYG word processor you also do
> the same, adjusting the breaks in a final pass. A bigger concern is
> that these processors are not really WYSIWYG, though pretending to be
> instantly formatting : sometimes the paginated display differs from
> the print preview…
> Any objection against the removal ?
>   V.
>   V.

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