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Sat Aug 14 13:52:40 CEST 2021

Please have a look at this

I think that \documentclass and \RequirePackage freeze the \jobname by
expanding it, and that is why the jobname is texput in command lines
such as « pdflatex '\documentclass{article}\input' 'body' ». However,
I have not confirmed yet this assumption by looking at their
definitions in the kernel source code.
I reworked however the jobname node, as attached.

Jim this is again some translation work for you.  Notably
* \jobname is not a macro, it is a primitive, and this has some consequences,
* I pushed all the gory details to the end of node for the sake of
progressivity into this matter
* below I prepared some French/English glossary to help you

- figer.= to freeze
- dérouter = to confuse/puzzle
- développer = to expand
- guillemets anglais = quote
- autonome = on its own
- invite = prompt
- noyeau = kernel
- journal = log
- ouvrage = job
- en sous-main = under the hood

Le sam. 14 août 2021 à 00:12, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> a écrit :
>     pdflatex '\documentclass{article}\usepackage{lipsum}\input titi'
>     and the jobname was named texput, not titi.
> The jobname for such LaTeX input was never "titi". As of TL 2020, it's
> "texput"; before that, it was "article". As would be expected. -k
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