[latexrefman] http://latexref.xyz/latex2e-figures/list.png not found

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Feb 4 00:15:14 CET 2019

    I happened to visit http://latexref.xyz/list.html today. It doesn't show
    the figure 

The latex2e-figures directory (well, we want a symlink) was not there.
I created it by hand for the moment.

    I have looked in the .zip file of the tree and the latex2e-figures
    directory is there,

What matters is whether
latex2e-help-texinfo-tree/latex2e/latex2e-figures is checked into
svn. latexref.xyz is just a checkout of the svn. I'll do something to
ensure it gets created/sticks around.

    on the accreditation doc writing team here 

Good luck ... --thanks, karl.

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