[latexrefman] http://latexref.xyz/latex2e-figures/list.png not found

Hefferon, Jim S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Sun Feb 3 22:40:37 CET 2019

I happened to visit http://latexref.xyz/list.html today.  It doesn't show the figure that I expected to be at http://latexref.xyz/latex2e-figures/list.png.  I have looked in the .zip file of the tree and the latex2e-figures directory is there, with the .png figure in it, so I'm not sure what is happening.  Have I done the directory incorrectly and through some imbecility am not seeing it?

The all-one-page versions, both on latexref.xyz and on tug.org, work great.


PS Perhaps I should say that I am not contributing lately because I am on the accreditation doc writing team here and so I am temporarily on other things.

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