[latexrefman] Fix \rotatebox error

Hefferon, Jim S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Thu Aug 9 14:46:04 CEST 2018

Corrected an error I saw while answering a question on reddit.  Also adjusted the wording on \cite to include that you can change the [1] to something else.

About latexref.xyz:

1) What do we think of URL's like latexref.xyz/en/_005ccite.html?

2) The index.html is different on latexref.xyz than on puscsca?  If so I'll edit someting in.

3) We are not putting those .html files into the svn, I expect.   I guess they could either be generated in place or mirrored in.  If mirroring is better then I could set up a nightly job on my machine, but any solution is OK with me.  Personally I'm not concerned about putting the HEAD version up; the changes we make tend to be localized, and I hope are improvements.

4) I expect this is silly, but I am anal enough to wish for it anyway: it'd be great if the URL's could lose the "_005c"-like parts.  If the URL was "cite.html" or "Using-BibTeX.html", that would be so much more rememberable.  That does have the disadvantage of required post-processing, so maybe it is a net loss, though. 



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