[latexrefman] Fix \rotatebox error

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Aug 10 00:49:14 CEST 2018

    1) What do we think of URL's like latexref.xyz/en/_005ccite.html?

Sounds reasonable to me. Or, for even shorter, could make it work
either with or without the en/, for en.

    2) The index.html is different on latexref.xyz than on puscsca? 

Yes. For puszcza, there is a separate "web repository". I'll make that
redirect to latexref.xyz now that we have it. The active index.html for
latexref is what is in the source repository with everything else.

    3) We are not putting those .html files into the svn, 

Actually, putting them in svn would be the simplest, so that the web
site is simply a checkout of the repository. What's a few mb, right?

    Personally I'm not concerned about putting the HEAD version up;

Ok, good. I agree.

    it'd be great if the URL's could lose the "_005c"-like parts. 
    If the URL was "cite.html" ....

Oh, I know. I hated that the _xxxx stuff was necessary when I/we
invented it for Texinfo. There was just no other way to get unambiguous
urls. It's particular bad for TeX documents with the ubiquitious \.

    or "Using-BibTeX.html", 

That case doesn't have a problem. It is already "Using-BibTeX.html".

    much more rememberable. That does have the disadvantage of required
    post-processing, so maybe it is a net loss, though.

How about this -- we generate stub files like AtEndDocument.html
with a single line:
<!--#include virtual="__005cAtEndDocument.html"-->

I.e., "we" (you? Or me, eventually) write a script that runs after
making the split html and creates those stubs for any problematic file
names. That will also make it easy to generate multiple aliases if need
be, or handle special cases as we like.

I think it's useful to keep the ugly-standard-Texinfo names for the
"real" files, just in case anyone (most likely me) ever wants to make a
cross-reference from another Texinfo document. That's another reason
why we invented the convention in the first place.


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