[latexrefman] list.eps, \pagestyle

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jun 9 00:33:21 CEST 2018

    is that someone might need it. 

If they run latex instead of pdflatex.

    I'm open to omitting it.

I think we can omit it from CTAN/TL. No harm in having it in the source
repo. Also ok to omit it there given instructions to create it.

    Is this just because the diff's are too
    large for the mailer?

Yes, only the commit mail message was stymied. Nothing to worry about.

    5) I could upload to CTAN if needed, or get you those files in some
    other way, Karl.

I think everything is ok right now? Let's clean up anything further when
it's time for the next release. (Which could be pretty soon, given the
rate at which you're working!) --thanks, karl.

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