[latexrefman] Math miscellany

Hefferon, Jim S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Sun Jun 10 01:41:19 CEST 2018

I tried to break up the misc since searching through a section like that is less helpful than organized categories.

Moved dots to a separate subsection.  Moved \overline, \overbrace etc. to separate subsection.  Move \imath and \jmath to Math symbols.
Change rest to a menu, with synopses and examples, and error messages where appropriate.

Also added a poem by Walt Whitman that seemed to me to fit the spirit of the enterprise.  It is out of copyright.


[T]he great thing about the Republican party in the US in 2018 is that, obviously, anyone willing to run with an R against their name is a person who is willing to declare that they are a pervert and a traitor, someone who will trade with the enemies of civilization and democracy for personal financial gain.  Cool.  Thanks.  Good to know.

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