[latexrefman] Graphics package description added

Jim Hefferon jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Wed Mar 14 16:27:15 CET 2018

I added a new chapter, with \includegraphics and the related things such as \graphicspath.

Unlike with color, there is lots of people on the various lists asking about these so I took what I thought were the most frequent issues and tried to address them.  Feedback very welcome, of course.

This is a lot of material.  I have tested all the code, but no doubt there are errors.  I apologize.

I had to make a number of choices (for instance, making the arguments to \DeclareGraphicsRule be a table instead of paragraphs), so if folks think something is funky feel free to change.

I also added list.txt, which is ASCII art matching list.pdf and list.png.  I understand that TeXinfo needs this for text-only output.  I did not have it in before only as an oversight.

I have in mind leaving the current version alone for a couple of days for folks to have a look, if you get a chance.  Then I intend to make a distribution to CTAN.  Am I right that at this point the distribution is English only and French only?



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