[latexrefman] Color package description added

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Mar 6 02:16:14 CET 2018

    I didn't see too many questions about color.sty, per se, in my usual
    spots.  More are about xcolor (say, about the ! notation), 

Agreed that xcolor is more important. 

    HTML output anything in @math{} is coming out with the @code{}
    elements not in monotype, but rather in italics.

Please do send the bug report to bug-texinfo when you have a chance.
(The @\ should not be necessary either, in fact I would say it's
definitely wrong.)

    only have one @math{} because I didn't want to have too much to unravel

Looks fine. At your leisure.

    a week from tomorrow.  Karl, is that too late

Not at all. I expect the pretest to continue for a month or so.

Thanks for all!! -k

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