[latexrefman] Color package description added

Hefferon, James S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Mon Mar 5 00:53:44 CET 2018

The next xx comment was about the color package.  I added a chapter for that, with sections for package options, color models, and the commands.  I have included all the commands from grfguide.pdf.

I didn't see too many questions about color.sty, per se, in my usual spots.  More are about xcolor (say, about the ! notation), so I did not include as much of that stuff as usual.

The other thing here is that in the HTML output anything in @math{} is coming out with the @code{} elements not in monotype, but rather in italics.  The makeinfo manual says I can add a -css option to take in a .css file.  I added a small one.  I really don't want to fiddle with CSS but this seemed like a real fix, not yak shaving.  But at this point I only have one @math{} because I didn't want to have too much to unravel if folks think I did it wrong.  I can add the others easily enugh.  Feedback very welcome.

I'd like to add a chapter on \includegraphics-type stuff.  I don't expect to get to it until next week, that is, not tomorrow but a week from tomorrow.  Karl, is that too late to then send a dist to CTAN and have it conveniently make it into TL?


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