[latexrefman] \spacefactor and \normalsfcodes

Hefferon, James S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Sat Feb 24 23:12:30 CET 2018

The next xx comment was \normalsfcodes.  I added that and cleared the clsguide commands, I believe.

But there is more to it.  I felt that \normalsfcodes didn't make sense except if I added \spacefactor so I added that.  I included a discussion that (I hope) is a relatively brief but cogent summary of the complexities of space factors from a how-to-do-it user's point of view.

Karl,  I got the latest texinfo.tar.gz from gnu and did ./configure make, make TEXMF=/usr/local/share/texmf install-tex.  I still found that in writing 

  @math{ @code{\a}  + @code{\\b} }

the output was

  \a + \\b

with the text in italics.  And, the .pdf failed.  So for the moment I stripped out the @math{ }.  Going away for a few days and will see about it when I get back.


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