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Hefferon, James S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Sat Feb 24 00:03:10 CET 2018

In the HTML version, for example on line  4199, if I have

 @math{@code{\topsep}+ at code{\\parskip}}

then the output is


where the \topsep and the \\parskip are in italics.

My Texinfo is the Ubuntu standard, 6.1.0.


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    > @math{@code{\somepenalty} < 10000}

    This is exactly what I mean.  I found that the text inside @code is
    in italics.

Please send failing code. It works for me. texinfo.tex 2018-02-12.17
(available from ftp.gnu.org), but I would hope it has worked all along.

However, I forgot that it is necessary to double the backslash inside
@math (because \ is itself an escape character, like @, inside @math --
though nowhere else in Texinfo).  Thus, this four-line file:

\input texinfo
@setfilename mathcode.info
@math{@code{\\somepenalty} < 10000}

ends up with the expected output for me -- "\somepenalty < 10000",
with "\somepenalty" in typewriter, with a real $<$ sign, spaced for math. -k

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