[latexrefman] node "(latex2e) thebibliography" and "Tame the beast"

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Oct 8 00:11:19 CEST 2017

    - article.cls : \refname
    - book.cls    : \bibname
    - report.cls  : \bibname 

The sources are definitive, so I guess latex2e.texi should be updated.
It is too bad that different macros are used.

    Just as a side remark, \bibname is used with \chapter*, and \refname
    with \section*.

That seems worth mentioning to me.

    Furthermore the statement that \def\refname{} will remove the title is
    not really true, because what you do is an empty title which is

Agreed that typesetting an empty title is different from not typesetting
anything.  What I see in latex2e.texi is:

    ... For instance, this
    eliminates it entirely:

    @end example

I suggest simply changing that to say "eliminates it from the output".

Anyone who cares about actually removing it entirely can figure out what
to do on their own; I see no reason why we have to provide recipes for
that case. --thanks, karl.

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