[latexrefman] node "(latex2e) thebibliography" and "Tame the beast"

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 23:42:00 CEST 2017

Hello Karl,

I did the fix, except that I removed all together the statement about
making \refname empty, see my comment below...

Le 08/10/2017 à 00:11, Karl Berry a écrit :
>     - article.cls : \refname
>     - book.cls    : \bibname
>     - report.cls  : \bibname 
> The sources are definitive, so I guess latex2e.texi should be updated.
> It is too bad that different macros are used.
>     Just as a side remark, \bibname is used with \chapter*, and \refname
>     with \section*.
> That seems worth mentioning to me.
>     Furthermore the statement that \def\refname{} will remove the title is
>     not really true, because what you do is an empty title which is
> Agreed that typesetting an empty title is different from not typesetting
> anything.  What I see in latex2e.texi is:
>     ... For instance, this
>     eliminates it entirely:
>     @example
>     \renewcommand@{\refname@}@{@}
>     @end example
> I suggest simply changing that to say "eliminates it from the output".

Well, I am not so sure we can say that, because there is still vertical
spacing in the output. Also, in case of a class with an unstarred
\section, setting \refname/\bibname to empty would still leave the
section number. So, I am in opinion to remove alltogether that sort of

> Anyone who cares about actually removing it entirely can figure out what
> to do on their own; I see no reason why we have to provide recipes for
> that case. --thanks, karl.

Maybe we should make a reference to the tamethebeast document which
contains such usefull tricks and plenty of other information concerning


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