[latexrefman] node "(latex2e) thebibliography" and "Tame the beast"

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 23:44:40 CEST 2017


In "Tame the beast" (https://ctan.org/pkg/tamethebeast), §4.2, it is
written that the title is \refname only for report class, while book and
article classes are using \bibname.

Is that still true ? Node "(latex2e) thebibliography" says that it is
\refname for all standard classes. So one of the two document is
incorrect (or maybe somewhere we have \def\bibname{\refname}).

Anyway, I have checked in my distro source code, and here is what I

- article.cls : \refname
- book.cls    : \bibname
- report.cls  : \bibname 

Just as a side remark, \bibname is used with \chapter*, and \refname
with \section*.

Furthermore the statement that \def\refname{} will remove the title is
not really true, because what you do is an empty title which is
different from no title. To remove the title, there should be ---
assuming that we what a \section*{blah blah blah} as the first stuff in
\thebibliography --- something like that (not tested):

\newcommand*\org at thebib{}
\let\org at thebib\thebiblioraphy
\newcommand*\gobble at bib@title{\expandafter\gobble at bib@title at i}
\newcommand*\gobble at bib@title at i{}
\def\gobble at bib@title at i\section*#1{}
\def\thebiblioraphy{\gobble at bib@title\thebibliography}


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