[latexrefman] tabbing environment \` and \<

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 14:41:43 CEST 2017


I can't understand this statement:

  However, it can't move text to the right of the last column because
  there's no tab stop there.

I can't understand this statement. I tried this:

  Bonjour\`\a`a droite\\

I get something like that:

            Bonjour                       à droite

So « à droite » is moved to the right of the last column.

I my example the last column is the 2nd column, that at tab #1, and the
first column is at tab #0. We should simply say that the right of the
last column is the same thing as the right margin of the tabbing

Wat we should say however, is that we need \` in addition to \', because
the right of the last column, ie the right margin of the environment is
not a tab, so it can't be accessed by \'. In other words  following does not work:

  \>Bonjour\>\'\a`a droite\\

because there are only tab #0 and #1, \>\> would move to #2 that does
not exist. So we need to do it this way:

  \>Bonjour\`\a`a droite\\

Maybe we should say somewhere that #0 is always there and is not
created by \=, and that \= create the tabs starting from tab #1.

Also, I think that the description of \< is confusing. I would simply
say that we move to the preceding tab, so if we are on tab #n and we
have x consecutive \<, we start on tab #(n-x). Of course, we need to
keep the satement that \< must be the first command in a row.


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