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Comment below :

Le 30/07/2017 à 19:40, Hefferon, James S. a écrit :
> I'm sorry; I forgot the ChangeLog again.
> 1) I'm not sure where to put MakeUppercase.  A new section for middle-of-writing commands?  Ideas?
> 2) I am thinking of pushing a version to CTAN.  Vincent, is the timing OK or should I hold off?
OK, could we stop makeing new text, and try to stabilize so that I can 
align the French on the English, and we get consistent delivery.

Checking the translation I have several questions about the English 
version (please check my `@c xxx vincentb1' comments in latex2e.texi) :

1) in "About this document", is retired sarcastic, meaning that LaTeX 
2.09 after many years of good services needs some rest now, or is it 
more neutral, just a synonym of withdrawn ?

2) in "Overview", what does ``other'' mean in ``there are plenty of 
others available elsewhere'':

     @item http://ctan.org/pkg/usrguide
     @findex usrguide @r{official documentation}
     The guide for document authors that is maintained as part of @LaTeX{};
     there are plenty of others available elsewhere.

3)  in "Class and package commands" what does ``that you invoked'' mean 
here ? :

    @item \NeedsTeXFormat@{@var{format}@}[@var{format date}]
    @findex \NeedsTeXFormat
    Specifies the format that this class should be run under.  Often issued
    as the first line of a class file, and most often used as:
    @code{\NeedsTeXFormat@{LaTeX2e@}}.  The format that you specify must
    exactly match the one installed on your system that you invoked,


> Regards,
> Jim
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