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Karl Berry karl at domain.hid
Sun May 8 01:18:08 CEST 2016

Hi Patrick,

    The license is CC by 4.0.

Unfortunately, I doubt that is compatible.

    Now I'd like to ask if I can take material from

The problem is that much of the text was written by other people, in
years past, namely George Greenwade (deceased), Stephen Gilmore, and
Torsten Martinsen.  That is the whole reason they the "old GNU" document
license is there -- because that's how it started.

The simplest solution I can think of would be for you to dual-license
your work under CC-whatever and the lrman license.  It makes no
practical difference that I can see.

Alternatively, if all you do is take "ideas" or sentence fragments from
the manual for your one-liners, copyright doesn't apply.

    I would not mention the source (latexrefman) from every listed
    command and package, but from a "about" page (still to be created).

Whatever you want do is fine by me.


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