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Jim Hefferon INVALID.NOREPLY at gnu.org.ua
Tue Aug 3 20:13:01 CEST 2021

Author: jimhefferon
Date: 2021-08-03 18:13:00 +0000 (Tue, 03 Aug 2021)
New Revision: 939

adjust wording in Spaces node

Modified: trunk/latex2e.html
--- trunk/latex2e.html	2021-08-03 04:20:53 UTC (rev 938)
+++ trunk/latex2e.html	2021-08-03 18:13:00 UTC (rev 939)
@@ -2119,6 +2119,9 @@
 <p>Specify the font encodings.  A font encoding is a mapping of the
 character codes to the font glyphs that are used to typeset your output.
+<span id="index-package_002c-fontspec"></span>
+<span id="index-fontspec-package"></span>
 <p>This package only applies if you use the <code>pdflatex</code> engine
 (see <a href="#TeX-engines">TeX engines</a>).  If you use the <code>xelatex</code> or
 <code>lualatex</code> engine then instead use the <samp>fontspec</samp> package.
@@ -2128,7 +2131,7 @@
 <code>\accent</code> (see <a href="#g_t_005caccent">\accent</a>) but this disables hyphenation.  TeX
 users have agreed on a number of standards to access the larger sets of
 characters provided by modern fonts.  If you are using
-<code>pdflatex</code> then this in the preamble
+<code>pdflatex</code> then put this in the preamble
 <div class="example">
 <pre class="example">\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
@@ -10795,8 +10798,8 @@
 <dl compact="compact">
-<p>Required; the command name.  It must begin with a backslash, <code>\</code>,
-and must not begin with the four letter string <code>\end</code>.  For
+<p>Required; <code>\<var>cmd</var></code> is the command name.  It must begin with a backslash, <code>\</code>,
+and must not begin with the four character string <code>\end</code>.  For
 <code>\newcommand</code>, it must not be already defined.  For
 <code>\renewcommand</code>, this name must already be defined.
@@ -10856,8 +10859,8 @@
 to redefine a command and the name has not yet been used then you get
 something like ‘<samp>LaTeX Error: \hank undefined</samp>’.
-<p>Here the first command definition has no arguments, and the second has
-one required argument.
+<p>Here the first definition creates a command with no arguments, and the
+second, one with one required argument.
 <div class="example">
 <pre class="example">\newcommand{\student}{Ms~O'Leary}
@@ -10865,7 +10868,7 @@
 <p>Use the first as in <code>I highly recommend \student{} to you</code>.  The
-second has a variable, so that <code>\defref{def:basis}</code> expands to
+second has a variable argument, so that <code>\defref{def:basis}</code> expands to
 <code>Definition~\ref{def:basis}</code>, which ultimately expands to
 something like ‘<samp>Definition~3.14</samp>’.
@@ -17039,10 +17042,9 @@
 <span id="index-spaces"></span>
 <span id="index-white-space"></span>
-<p>LaTeX has many ways to produce white (or filled) space.  Some of
-these are best suited to mathematical text; see <a href="#Spacing-in-math-mode">Spacing in math mode</a>.  Some spacing commands are suitable for both regular text
-and mathematical text; versions of some of these commands are in this
+<p>LaTeX has many ways to produce white space, or filled space.  Some of
+these are best suited to mathematical text; for these
+see <a href="#Spacing-in-math-mode">Spacing in math mode</a>.
 <table class="menu" border="0" cellspacing="0">
 <tr><th colspan="3" align="left" valign="top"><pre class="menu-comment">Horizontal space 
@@ -26383,6 +26385,7 @@
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-fonts">fonts</a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#Fonts">Fonts</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-fonts_002c-new-commands-for">fonts, new commands for</a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#g_t_005cnewfont">\newfont</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-fonts_002c-script">fonts, script</a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#Calligraphic">Calligraphic</a></td></tr>
+<tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-fontspec-package"><code>fontspec</code> <span class="roman">package</span></a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#fontenc-package">fontenc package</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-footer-style">footer style</a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#g_t_005cpagestyle">\pagestyle</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-footer_002c-parameters-for">footer, parameters for</a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#Page-layout-parameters">Page layout parameters</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-footnote-number_002c-cross-referencing">footnote number, cross referencing</a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#g_t_005cref">\ref</a></td></tr>
@@ -26822,6 +26825,7 @@
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-package_002c-fancyvrb-1"><span class="roman">package</span>, <code>fancyvrb</code></a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#verbatim">verbatim</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-package_002c-flafter"><span class="roman">package</span>, <code>flafter</code></a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#Floats">Floats</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-package_002c-float"><span class="roman">package</span>, <code>float</code></a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#Floats">Floats</a></td></tr>
+<tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-package_002c-fontspec"><span class="roman">package</span>, <code>fontspec</code></a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#fontenc-package">fontenc package</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-package_002c-geometry"><span class="roman">package</span>, <code>geometry</code></a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#Document-class-options">Document class options</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-package_002c-geometry-1"><span class="roman">package</span>, <code>geometry</code></a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#Document-class-options">Document class options</a></td></tr>
 <tr><td></td><td valign="top"><a href="#index-package_002c-graphpap"><span class="roman">package</span>, <code>graphpap</code></a>:</td><td> </td><td valign="top"><a href="#g_t_005cgraphpaper">\graphpaper</a></td></tr>

Modified: trunk/latex2e.info
--- trunk/latex2e.info	2021-08-03 04:20:53 UTC (rev 938)
+++ trunk/latex2e.info	2021-08-03 18:13:00 UTC (rev 939)
@@ -1116,7 +1116,7 @@
 '\accent' (*note \accent::) but this disables hyphenation.  TeX users
 have agreed on a number of standards to access the larger sets of
 characters provided by modern fonts.  If you are using 'pdflatex' then
-this in the preamble
+put this in the preamble
@@ -7468,9 +7468,9 @@
-     Required; the command name.  It must begin with a backslash, '\',
-     and must not begin with the four letter string '\end'.  For
-     '\newcommand', it must not be already defined.  For
+     Required; '\CMD' is the command name.  It must begin with a
+     backslash, '\', and must not begin with the four character string
+     '\end'.  For '\newcommand', it must not be already defined.  For
      '\renewcommand', this name must already be defined.
@@ -7521,14 +7521,14 @@
 redefine a command and the name has not yet been used then you get
 something like 'LaTeX Error: \hank undefined'.
-   Here the first command definition has no arguments, and the second
-has one required argument.
+   Here the first definition creates a command with no arguments, and
+the second, one with one required argument.
 Use the first as in 'I highly recommend \student{} to you'.  The second
-has a variable, so that '\defref{def:basis}' expands to
+has a variable argument, so that '\defref{def:basis}' expands to
 'Definition~\ref{def:basis}', which ultimately expands to something like
@@ -11692,11 +11692,9 @@
 19 Spaces
-LaTeX has many ways to produce white (or filled) space.  Some of these
-are best suited to mathematical text; see *note Spacing in math mode::.
-Some spacing commands are suitable for both regular text and
-mathematical text; versions of some of these commands are in this
+LaTeX has many ways to produce white space, or filled space.  Some of
+these are best suited to mathematical text; for these see *note Spacing
+in math mode::.
 * Menu:
@@ -19038,6 +19036,7 @@
 * fonts:                                 Fonts.               (line   6)
 * fonts, new commands for:               \newfont.            (line   6)
 * fonts, script:                         Calligraphic.        (line   6)
+* fontspec package:                      fontenc package.     (line  17)
 * footer style:                          \pagestyle.          (line   6)
 * footer, parameters for:                Page layout parameters.
                                                               (line   6)
@@ -19543,6 +19542,7 @@
 * package, fancyvrb <1>:                 verbatim.            (line  42)
 * package, flafter:                      Floats.              (line  82)
 * package, float:                        Floats.              (line  52)
+* package, fontspec:                     fontenc package.     (line  17)
 * package, geometry:                     Document class options.
                                                               (line  40)
 * package, geometry <1>:                 Document class options.
@@ -20111,511 +20111,511 @@
 Node: Fonts45627
 Ref: Typefaces45730
 Node: fontenc package47692
-Node: \DeclareFontEncoding51940
-Node: \DeclareTextAccent53358
-Node: \DeclareTextAccentDefault54215
-Node: \DeclareTextCommand & \ProvideTextCommand55286
-Node: \DeclareTextCommandDefault & \ProvideTextCommandDefault57520
-Node: \DeclareTextComposite58827
-Node: \DeclareTextCompositeCommand59914
-Node: \DeclareTextSymbol60589
-Node: \DeclareTextSymbolDefault61694
-Node: \LastDeclaredEncoding62648
-Node: \UseTextSymbol & \UseTextAccent63272
-Node: Font styles64480
-Node: Font sizes68710
-Node: Low-level font commands70935
-Ref: low level font commands fontencoding71219
-Ref: low level font commands fontfamily71775
-Ref: low level font commands fontseries72538
-Ref: low level font commands fontshape73690
-Ref: low level font commands fontsize73987
-Ref: low level font commands linespread74564
-Ref: low level font commands selectfont74814
-Ref: low level font commands usefont75140
-Node: Layout75383
-Node: \onecolumn75949
-Node: \twocolumn76308
-Ref: twocolumn columnsep76931
-Ref: twocolumn columnseprule77175
-Ref: twocolumn columnwidth77475
-Ref: twocolumn dbltopfraction78058
-Ref: twocolumn dblfloatpagefraction79024
-Ref: twocolumn dblfloatsep79262
-Ref: twocolumn dbltextfloatsep79571
-Ref: twocolumn dbltopnumber79751
-Node: \flushbottom80700
-Node: \raggedbottom81800
-Node: Page layout parameters82336
-Ref: page layout parameters columnsep82565
-Ref: page layout parameters columnseprule82565
-Ref: page layout parameters columnwidth82565
-Ref: page layout parameters headheight82819
-Ref: page layout parameters headsep82986
-Ref: page layout parameters footskip83298
-Ref: page layout parameters linewidth83632
-Ref: page layout parameters marginparpush83985
-Ref: page layout parameters marginsep83985
-Ref: page layout parameters marginparwidth83985
-Ref: page layout parameters oddsidemargin85025
-Ref: page layout parameters evensidemargin85025
-Ref: page layout parameters paperheight85570
-Ref: page layout parameters paperwidth85796
-Ref: page layout parameters textheight86020
-Ref: page layout parameters textwidth86409
-Ref: page layout parameters hsize87347
-Ref: page layout parameters topmargin87544
-Ref: page layout parameters topskip87848
-Node: \baselineskip & \baselinestretch88064
-Node: Floats93057
-Ref: floats bottomfraction97395
-Ref: floats floatpagefraction97522
-Ref: floats textfraction97633
-Ref: floats topfraction97835
-Ref: floats floatsep98087
-Ref: floats intextsep98197
-Ref: floats textfloatsep98412
-Ref: floats bottomnumber98676
-Ref: floats dbltopnumber98784
-Ref: floats topnumber98903
-Ref: floats totalnumber99007
-Node: Sectioning99549
-Ref: sectioning secnumdepth102658
-Ref: Sectioning/secnumdepth102658
-Ref: sectioning tocdepth103284
-Ref: Sectioning/tocdepth103284
-Node: \part104324
-Node: \chapter106501
-Node: \section110274
-Node: \subsection113541
-Node: \subsubsection & \paragraph & \subparagraph116255
-Node: \appendix118912
-Node: \frontmatter & \mainmatter & \backmatter120205
-Node: \@startsection121614
-Ref: startsection name123103
-Ref: \@startsection/name123103
-Ref: startsection level123557
-Ref: \@startsection/level123557
-Ref: startsection indent124438
-Ref: \@startsection/indent124438
-Ref: startsection beforeskip124701
-Ref: \@startsection/beforeskip124701
-Ref: startsection afterskip126222
-Ref: \@startsection/afterskip126222
-Ref: startsection style127533
-Ref: \@startsection/style127533
-Node: Cross references131234
-Node: \label133383
-Node: \pageref135203
-Node: \ref135993
-Node: xr package136988
-Node: Environments138822
-Node: abstract140824
-Node: array142413
-Node: center145305
-Node: \centering147058
-Node: description148555
-Node: displaymath150772
-Node: document152468
-Node: \AtBeginDocument152898
-Node: \AtEndDocument153522
-Node: enumerate154166
-Ref: enumerate enumi156029
-Ref: enumerate enumii156029
-Ref: enumerate enumiii156029
-Ref: enumerate enumiv156029
-Ref: enumerate labelenumi156427
-Ref: enumerate labelenumii156427
-Ref: enumerate labelenumiii156427
-Ref: enumerate labelenumiv156427
-Node: eqnarray156966
-Node: equation158962
-Node: figure159630
-Node: filecontents161784
-Node: flushleft163693
-Node: \raggedright164720
-Node: flushright165918
-Node: \raggedleft166742
-Node: itemize167613
-Ref: itemize labelitemi169161
-Ref: itemize labelitemii169161
-Ref: itemize labelitemiii169161
-Ref: itemize labelitemiv169161
-Ref: itemize leftmargin169820
-Ref: itemize leftmargini169820
-Ref: itemize leftmarginii169820
-Ref: itemize leftmarginiii169820
-Ref: itemize leftmarginiv169820
-Ref: itemize leftmarginv169820
-Ref: itemize leftmarginvi169820
-Node: letter171302
-Node: list171540
-Ref: list makelabel173987
-Ref: list itemindent175372
-Ref: list itemsep175509
-Ref: list labelsep176162
-Ref: list labelwidth176325
-Ref: list leftmargin177336
-Ref: list listparindent178189
-Ref: list parsep178420
-Ref: list partopsep178888
-Ref: list rightmargin179686
-Ref: list topsep179871
-Ref: list beginparpenalty183446
-Ref: list itempenalty183545
-Ref: list endparpenalty183649
-Node: \item184520
-Node: trivlist185766
-Node: math187294
-Node: minipage187600
-Node: picture193165
-Node: \put199395
-Node: \multiput199960
-Node: \qbezier200699
-Node: \graphpaper202172
-Node: \line202966
-Node: \linethickness204940
-Node: \thinlines205389
-Node: \thicklines205800
-Node: \circle206184
-Node: \oval206726
-Node: \shortstack207702
-Node: \vector209099
-Node: \makebox (picture)210013
-Node: \framebox (picture)211195
-Node: \frame212668
-Node: \dashbox213108
-Node: quotation & quote214243
-Node: tabbing215139
-Node: table221042
-Node: tabular223106
-Ref: tabular arrayrulewidth229443
-Ref: tabular arraystrech229683
-Ref: tabular doublerulesep229904
-Ref: tabular tabcolsep230040
-Node: \multicolumn230561
-Node: \vline234437
-Node: \cline235828
-Node: \hline236538
-Node: thebibliography237220
-Node: \bibitem239703
-Node: \cite242005
-Node: \nocite243873
-Node: Using BibTeX244381
-Node: theorem246552
-Node: titlepage247474
-Node: verbatim248757
-Node: \verb250570
-Node: verse252663
-Node: Line breaking253890
-Node: \\255256
-Node: \obeycr & \restorecr257686
-Node: \newline258497
-Node: \- (hyphenation)259526
-Node: \discretionary261164
-Node: \fussy & \sloppy262052
-Node: sloppypar262835
-Node: \hyphenation263981
-Node: \linebreak & \nolinebreak264575
-Node: Page breaking265723
-Node: \clearpage & \cleardoublepage267753
-Node: \newpage269273
-Node: \enlargethispage270571
-Node: \pagebreak & \nopagebreak271527
-Node: Footnotes273498
-Node: \footnote274644
-Ref: footnote footnoterule275912
-Ref: footnote footnotesep276523
-Node: \footnotemark277589
-Node: \footnotetext279928
-Node: Footnotes in section headings280530
-Node: Footnotes in a table281363
-Node: Footnotes of footnotes284285
-Node: Definitions284989
-Node: \newcommand & \renewcommand286036
-Node: \providecommand291337
-Node: \makeatletter & \makeatother292502
-Node: \@ifstar294604
-Node: \newcounter298089
-Node: \newlength299809
-Node: \newsavebox300631
-Node: \newenvironment & \renewenvironment301610
-Node: \newtheorem306934
-Node: \newfont310506
-Node: \protect311739
-Node: \ignorespaces & \ignorespacesafterend314127
-Node: xspace package316808
-Node: Counters318873
-Node: \alph \Alph \arabic \roman \Roman \fnsymbol320574
-Node: \usecounter323199
-Node: \value324058
-Node: \setcounter325111
-Node: \addtocounter325707
-Node: \refstepcounter326161
-Node: \stepcounter326830
-Node: \day & \month & \year327383
-Node: Lengths328194
-Node: Units of length332782
-Ref: units of length pt332985
-Ref: units of length pc333085
-Ref: units of length in333108
-Ref: units of length bp333134
-Ref: units of length cm333265
-Ref: units of length mm333287
-Ref: units of length dd333309
-Ref: units of length cc333341
-Ref: units of length sp333366
-Ref: Lengths/em333397
-Ref: Lengths/en333397
-Ref: Lengths/ex333397
-Ref: units of length em333397
-Ref: units of length en333397
-Ref: units of length ex333397
-Node: \setlength334253
-Node: \addtolength335338
-Node: \settodepth336413
-Node: \settoheight337291
-Node: \settowidth338184
-Node: \stretch339069
-Node: Expressions340271
-Node: Making paragraphs345053
-Node: \par346824
-Node: \indent & \noindent348771
-Node: \parindent & \parskip350306
-Node: Marginal notes351613
-Ref: marginal notes marginparpush353009
-Ref: marginal notes marginparsep353183
-Ref: marginal notes marginparwidth353315
-Node: Math formulas353664
-Node: Subscripts & superscripts357832
-Node: Math symbols359993
-Node: Arrows383764
-Node: \boldmath & \unboldmath384952
-Node: Blackboard bold386471
-Node: Calligraphic387273
-Node: Delimiters387804
-Node: \left & \right389992
-Node: \bigl & \bigr etc.394000
-Node: Dots396753
-Ref: ellipses cdots397184
-Ref: ellipses ddots397329
-Ref: ellipses ldots397410
-Ref: ellipses vdots397827
-Node: Greek letters399011
-Node: Math functions400690
-Node: Math accents402334
-Node: Over- and Underlining403233
-Node: Spacing in math mode405060
-Ref: spacing in math mode thickspace405995
-Ref: spacing in math mode medspace406420
-Ref: Spacing in math mode/\thinspace406847
-Ref: spacing in math mode thinspace406847
-Ref: spacing in math mode negthinspace407328
-Ref: spacing in math mode quad407655
-Ref: spacing in math mode qquad407911
-Node: \smash408249
-Node: \phantom & \vphantom & \hphantom410466
-Node: \mathstrut413013
-Node: Math miscellany413975
-Node: Colon character & \colon414481
-Node: \*415174
-Node: \frac415754
-Node: \sqrt416125
-Node: \stackrel416711
-Node: Modes416984
-Ref: modes paragraph mode417434
-Ref: modes lr mode417630
-Ref: modes math mode418236
-Ref: modes vertical mode418571
-Ref: modes internal vertical mode418742
-Ref: modes inner paragraph mode419215
-Ref: modes outer paragraph mode419215
-Node: \ensuremath419629
-Node: Page styles420334
-Node: \maketitle421097
-Node: \pagenumbering424115
-Node: \pagestyle426103
-Node: \thispagestyle429605
-Node: Spaces430559
-Node: \enspace & \quad & \qquad432000
-Node: \hspace432915
-Node: \hfill434753
-Node: \hss435817
-Node: \spacefactor436511
-Node: \@439898
-Ref: \AT439998
-Node: \frenchspacing441938
-Node: \normalsfcodes442773
-Node: \(SPACE)443020
-Node: ~444810
-Node: \thinspace & \negthinspace447387
-Node: \/448558
-Node: \hrulefill & \dotfill450514
-Node: \bigskip & \medskip & \smallskip451870
-Ref: bigskip452688
-Ref: medskip452892
-Ref: smallskip453101
-Node: \bigbreak & \medbreak & \smallbreak453762
-Node: \strut454748
-Node: \vspace457943
-Node: \vfill459507
-Node: \addvspace460435
-Node: Boxes462431
-Node: \mbox & \makebox463137
-Ref: mbox makebox depth464405
-Ref: mbox makebox height464405
-Ref: mbox makebox width464405
-Ref: mbox makebox totalheight464405
-Node: \fbox & \framebox466500
-Ref: fbox framebox fboxrule467814
-Ref: fbox framebox fboxsep468004
-Node: \parbox469094
-Node: \raisebox471400
-Ref: raisebox depth472373
-Ref: raisebox height472373
-Ref: raisebox width472373
-Ref: raisebox totalheight472373
-Node: \sbox & \savebox473074
-Node: lrbox476136
-Node: \usebox477022
-Node: Color477461
-Node: Color package options478260
-Node: Color models479906
-Ref: color models cmyk480703
-Ref: color models gray481066
-Ref: color models rgb481215
-Ref: color models RGB481552
-Ref: color models named481927
-Node: Commands for color482215
-Node: Define colors482630
-Node: Colored text483355
-Node: Colored boxes485752
-Node: Colored pages487141
-Node: Graphics487834
-Node: Graphics package options489961
-Node: Graphics package configuration492714
-Node: \graphicspath493516
-Node: \DeclareGraphicsExtensions496474
-Node: \DeclareGraphicsRule498292
-Node: Commands for graphics501473
-Node: \includegraphics501978
-Ref: includegraphics width507041
-Ref: includegraphics height507574
-Ref: includegraphics totalheight507980
-Ref: includegraphics keepaspectratio508244
-Ref: includegraphics viewport509930
-Ref: includegraphics trim510325
-Ref: includegraphics clip510781
-Ref: includegraphics page511041
-Ref: includegraphics pagebox511132
-Ref: includegraphics interpolate511997
-Ref: includegraphics quiet512202
-Ref: includegraphics draft512363
-Ref: includegraphics bb513168
-Ref: includegraphics bbllx513566
-Ref: includegraphics bblly513566
-Ref: includegraphics bburx513566
-Ref: includegraphics bbury513566
-Ref: includegraphics natwidth513708
-Ref: includegraphics natheight513708
-Ref: includegraphics hiresbb513894
-Ref: includegraphics type514656
-Ref: includegraphics ext514696
-Ref: includegraphics read514799
-Ref: includegraphics command514916
-Node: \rotatebox515162
-Node: \scalebox518016
-Node: \resizebox519072
-Node: Special insertions520264
-Node: Reserved characters521132
-Node: Upper and lower case522392
-Node: Symbols by font position524778
-Node: Text symbols525457
-Node: Accents530441
-Node: \accent532594
-Node: Additional Latin letters534356
-Ref: Non-English characters534538
-Node: inputenc package535557
-Node: \rule538107
-Node: \today539295
-Node: Splitting the input540231
-Node: \endinput541973
-Node: \include & \includeonly543276
-Node: \input547573
-Node: Front/back matter548788
-Node: Table of contents etc.549121
-Node: \@dottedtocline554826
-Node: \addcontentsline556372
-Node: \addtocontents559250
-Node: \contentsline561467
-Node: \nofiles563160
-Node: \numberline563911
-Node: Indexes565026
-Node: \index566700
-Node: makeindex571805
-Ref: makeindex preamble573473
-Ref: makeindex postamble573613
-Ref: makeindex group skip573698
-Ref: makeindex letheadflag574031
-Ref: makeindex lethead prefix574492
-Ref: makeindex lethead suffix574644
-Ref: makeindex item 0574792
-Ref: makeindex item 1574872
-Ref: makeindex item 2574947
-Ref: makeindex item 01575025
-Ref: makeindex item x1575130
-Ref: makeindex item 12575335
-Ref: makeindex item x2575443
-Ref: makeindex delim 0575603
-Ref: makeindex delim 1575733
-Ref: makeindex delim 2575863
-Ref: makeindex delim n575989
-Ref: makeindex delim r576124
-Ref: makeindex line max576232
-Ref: makeindex indent space576367
-Ref: makeindex indent length576462
-Ref: makeindex page precedence576647
-Node: \printindex577682
-Node: Glossaries578155
-Node: \newglossaryentry580122
-Node: \gls581589
-Node: Letters582383
-Node: \address586001
-Node: \cc586812
-Node: \closing587254
-Node: \encl587568
-Node: \location587982
-Node: \makelabels588246
-Node: \name590563
-Node: \opening590804
-Node: \ps591085
-Node: \signature591374
-Node: \telephone592602
-Node: Input/output592967
-Node: \openin & \openout593697
-Node: \read596440
-Node: \typein597627
-Node: \typeout598887
-Node: \write599937
-Node: \write and security604664
-Node: \message605608
-Node: \wlog607437
-Node: \write18607938
-Node: Command line interface611429
-Ref: Command line611593
-Node: Command line options613746
-Ref: interaction modes614749
-Ref: output directory615703
-Node: Command line input617402
-Node: Jobname619433
-Node: Recovering from errors622575
-Node: Document templates624003
-Node: beamer template624437
-Node: article template625079
-Node: book template625542
-Node: Larger book template626021
-Node: Index627563
-Ref: Command Index627649
+Node: \DeclareFontEncoding51944
+Node: \DeclareTextAccent53362
+Node: \DeclareTextAccentDefault54219
+Node: \DeclareTextCommand & \ProvideTextCommand55290
+Node: \DeclareTextCommandDefault & \ProvideTextCommandDefault57524
+Node: \DeclareTextComposite58831
+Node: \DeclareTextCompositeCommand59918
+Node: \DeclareTextSymbol60593
+Node: \DeclareTextSymbolDefault61698
+Node: \LastDeclaredEncoding62652
+Node: \UseTextSymbol & \UseTextAccent63276
+Node: Font styles64484
+Node: Font sizes68714
+Node: Low-level font commands70939
+Ref: low level font commands fontencoding71223
+Ref: low level font commands fontfamily71779
+Ref: low level font commands fontseries72542
+Ref: low level font commands fontshape73694
+Ref: low level font commands fontsize73991
+Ref: low level font commands linespread74568
+Ref: low level font commands selectfont74818
+Ref: low level font commands usefont75144
+Node: Layout75387
+Node: \onecolumn75953
+Node: \twocolumn76312
+Ref: twocolumn columnsep76935
+Ref: twocolumn columnseprule77179
+Ref: twocolumn columnwidth77479
+Ref: twocolumn dbltopfraction78062
+Ref: twocolumn dblfloatpagefraction79028
+Ref: twocolumn dblfloatsep79266
+Ref: twocolumn dbltextfloatsep79575
+Ref: twocolumn dbltopnumber79755
+Node: \flushbottom80704
+Node: \raggedbottom81804
+Node: Page layout parameters82340
+Ref: page layout parameters columnsep82569
+Ref: page layout parameters columnseprule82569
+Ref: page layout parameters columnwidth82569
+Ref: page layout parameters headheight82823
+Ref: page layout parameters headsep82990
+Ref: page layout parameters footskip83302
+Ref: page layout parameters linewidth83636
+Ref: page layout parameters marginparpush83989
+Ref: page layout parameters marginsep83989
+Ref: page layout parameters marginparwidth83989
+Ref: page layout parameters oddsidemargin85029
+Ref: page layout parameters evensidemargin85029
+Ref: page layout parameters paperheight85574
+Ref: page layout parameters paperwidth85800
+Ref: page layout parameters textheight86024
+Ref: page layout parameters textwidth86413
+Ref: page layout parameters hsize87351
+Ref: page layout parameters topmargin87548
+Ref: page layout parameters topskip87852
+Node: \baselineskip & \baselinestretch88068
+Node: Floats93061
+Ref: floats bottomfraction97399
+Ref: floats floatpagefraction97526
+Ref: floats textfraction97637
+Ref: floats topfraction97839
+Ref: floats floatsep98091
+Ref: floats intextsep98201
+Ref: floats textfloatsep98416
+Ref: floats bottomnumber98680
+Ref: floats dbltopnumber98788
+Ref: floats topnumber98907
+Ref: floats totalnumber99011
+Node: Sectioning99553
+Ref: sectioning secnumdepth102662
+Ref: Sectioning/secnumdepth102662
+Ref: sectioning tocdepth103288
+Ref: Sectioning/tocdepth103288
+Node: \part104328
+Node: \chapter106505
+Node: \section110278
+Node: \subsection113545
+Node: \subsubsection & \paragraph & \subparagraph116259
+Node: \appendix118916
+Node: \frontmatter & \mainmatter & \backmatter120209
+Node: \@startsection121618
+Ref: startsection name123107
+Ref: \@startsection/name123107
+Ref: startsection level123561
+Ref: \@startsection/level123561
+Ref: startsection indent124442
+Ref: \@startsection/indent124442
+Ref: startsection beforeskip124705
+Ref: \@startsection/beforeskip124705
+Ref: startsection afterskip126226
+Ref: \@startsection/afterskip126226
+Ref: startsection style127537
+Ref: \@startsection/style127537
+Node: Cross references131238
+Node: \label133387
+Node: \pageref135207
+Node: \ref135997
+Node: xr package136992
+Node: Environments138826
+Node: abstract140828
+Node: array142417
+Node: center145309
+Node: \centering147062
+Node: description148559
+Node: displaymath150776
+Node: document152472
+Node: \AtBeginDocument152902
+Node: \AtEndDocument153526
+Node: enumerate154170
+Ref: enumerate enumi156033
+Ref: enumerate enumii156033
+Ref: enumerate enumiii156033
+Ref: enumerate enumiv156033
+Ref: enumerate labelenumi156431
+Ref: enumerate labelenumii156431
+Ref: enumerate labelenumiii156431
+Ref: enumerate labelenumiv156431
+Node: eqnarray156970
+Node: equation158966
+Node: figure159634
+Node: filecontents161788
+Node: flushleft163697
+Node: \raggedright164724
+Node: flushright165922
+Node: \raggedleft166746
+Node: itemize167617
+Ref: itemize labelitemi169165
+Ref: itemize labelitemii169165
+Ref: itemize labelitemiii169165
+Ref: itemize labelitemiv169165
+Ref: itemize leftmargin169824
+Ref: itemize leftmargini169824
+Ref: itemize leftmarginii169824
+Ref: itemize leftmarginiii169824
+Ref: itemize leftmarginiv169824
+Ref: itemize leftmarginv169824
+Ref: itemize leftmarginvi169824
+Node: letter171306
+Node: list171544
+Ref: list makelabel173991
+Ref: list itemindent175376
+Ref: list itemsep175513
+Ref: list labelsep176166
+Ref: list labelwidth176329
+Ref: list leftmargin177340
+Ref: list listparindent178193
+Ref: list parsep178424
+Ref: list partopsep178892
+Ref: list rightmargin179690
+Ref: list topsep179875
+Ref: list beginparpenalty183450
+Ref: list itempenalty183549
+Ref: list endparpenalty183653
+Node: \item184524
+Node: trivlist185770
+Node: math187298
+Node: minipage187604
+Node: picture193169
+Node: \put199399
+Node: \multiput199964
+Node: \qbezier200703
+Node: \graphpaper202176
+Node: \line202970
+Node: \linethickness204944
+Node: \thinlines205393
+Node: \thicklines205804
+Node: \circle206188
+Node: \oval206730
+Node: \shortstack207706
+Node: \vector209103
+Node: \makebox (picture)210017
+Node: \framebox (picture)211199
+Node: \frame212672
+Node: \dashbox213112
+Node: quotation & quote214247
+Node: tabbing215143
+Node: table221046
+Node: tabular223110
+Ref: tabular arrayrulewidth229447
+Ref: tabular arraystrech229687
+Ref: tabular doublerulesep229908
+Ref: tabular tabcolsep230044
+Node: \multicolumn230565
+Node: \vline234441
+Node: \cline235832
+Node: \hline236542
+Node: thebibliography237224
+Node: \bibitem239707
+Node: \cite242009
+Node: \nocite243877
+Node: Using BibTeX244385
+Node: theorem246556
+Node: titlepage247478
+Node: verbatim248761
+Node: \verb250574
+Node: verse252667
+Node: Line breaking253894
+Node: \\255260
+Node: \obeycr & \restorecr257690
+Node: \newline258501
+Node: \- (hyphenation)259530
+Node: \discretionary261168
+Node: \fussy & \sloppy262056
+Node: sloppypar262839
+Node: \hyphenation263985
+Node: \linebreak & \nolinebreak264579
+Node: Page breaking265727
+Node: \clearpage & \cleardoublepage267757
+Node: \newpage269277
+Node: \enlargethispage270575
+Node: \pagebreak & \nopagebreak271531
+Node: Footnotes273502
+Node: \footnote274648
+Ref: footnote footnoterule275916
+Ref: footnote footnotesep276527
+Node: \footnotemark277593
+Node: \footnotetext279932
+Node: Footnotes in section headings280534
+Node: Footnotes in a table281367
+Node: Footnotes of footnotes284289
+Node: Definitions284993
+Node: \newcommand & \renewcommand286040
+Node: \providecommand291380
+Node: \makeatletter & \makeatother292545
+Node: \@ifstar294647
+Node: \newcounter298132
+Node: \newlength299852
+Node: \newsavebox300674
+Node: \newenvironment & \renewenvironment301653
+Node: \newtheorem306977
+Node: \newfont310549
+Node: \protect311782
+Node: \ignorespaces & \ignorespacesafterend314170
+Node: xspace package316851
+Node: Counters318916
+Node: \alph \Alph \arabic \roman \Roman \fnsymbol320617
+Node: \usecounter323242
+Node: \value324101
+Node: \setcounter325154
+Node: \addtocounter325750
+Node: \refstepcounter326204
+Node: \stepcounter326873
+Node: \day & \month & \year327426
+Node: Lengths328237
+Node: Units of length332825
+Ref: units of length pt333028
+Ref: units of length pc333128
+Ref: units of length in333151
+Ref: units of length bp333177
+Ref: units of length cm333308
+Ref: units of length mm333330
+Ref: units of length dd333352
+Ref: units of length cc333384
+Ref: units of length sp333409
+Ref: Lengths/em333440
+Ref: Lengths/en333440
+Ref: Lengths/ex333440
+Ref: units of length em333440
+Ref: units of length en333440
+Ref: units of length ex333440
+Node: \setlength334296
+Node: \addtolength335381
+Node: \settodepth336456
+Node: \settoheight337334
+Node: \settowidth338227
+Node: \stretch339112
+Node: Expressions340314
+Node: Making paragraphs345096
+Node: \par346867
+Node: \indent & \noindent348814
+Node: \parindent & \parskip350349
+Node: Marginal notes351656
+Ref: marginal notes marginparpush353052
+Ref: marginal notes marginparsep353226
+Ref: marginal notes marginparwidth353358
+Node: Math formulas353707
+Node: Subscripts & superscripts357875
+Node: Math symbols360036
+Node: Arrows383807
+Node: \boldmath & \unboldmath384995
+Node: Blackboard bold386514
+Node: Calligraphic387316
+Node: Delimiters387847
+Node: \left & \right390035
+Node: \bigl & \bigr etc.394043
+Node: Dots396796
+Ref: ellipses cdots397227
+Ref: ellipses ddots397372
+Ref: ellipses ldots397453
+Ref: ellipses vdots397870
+Node: Greek letters399054
+Node: Math functions400733
+Node: Math accents402377
+Node: Over- and Underlining403276
+Node: Spacing in math mode405103
+Ref: spacing in math mode thickspace406038
+Ref: spacing in math mode medspace406463
+Ref: Spacing in math mode/\thinspace406890
+Ref: spacing in math mode thinspace406890
+Ref: spacing in math mode negthinspace407371
+Ref: spacing in math mode quad407698
+Ref: spacing in math mode qquad407954
+Node: \smash408292
+Node: \phantom & \vphantom & \hphantom410509
+Node: \mathstrut413056
+Node: Math miscellany414018
+Node: Colon character & \colon414524
+Node: \*415217
+Node: \frac415797
+Node: \sqrt416168
+Node: \stackrel416754
+Node: Modes417027
+Ref: modes paragraph mode417477
+Ref: modes lr mode417673
+Ref: modes math mode418279
+Ref: modes vertical mode418614
+Ref: modes internal vertical mode418785
+Ref: modes inner paragraph mode419258
+Ref: modes outer paragraph mode419258
+Node: \ensuremath419672
+Node: Page styles420377
+Node: \maketitle421140
+Node: \pagenumbering424158
+Node: \pagestyle426146
+Node: \thispagestyle429648
+Node: Spaces430602
+Node: \enspace & \quad & \qquad431922
+Node: \hspace432837
+Node: \hfill434675
+Node: \hss435739
+Node: \spacefactor436433
+Node: \@439820
+Ref: \AT439920
+Node: \frenchspacing441860
+Node: \normalsfcodes442695
+Node: \(SPACE)442942
+Node: ~444732
+Node: \thinspace & \negthinspace447309
+Node: \/448480
+Node: \hrulefill & \dotfill450436
+Node: \bigskip & \medskip & \smallskip451792
+Ref: bigskip452610
+Ref: medskip452814
+Ref: smallskip453023
+Node: \bigbreak & \medbreak & \smallbreak453684
+Node: \strut454670
+Node: \vspace457865
+Node: \vfill459429
+Node: \addvspace460357
+Node: Boxes462353
+Node: \mbox & \makebox463059
+Ref: mbox makebox depth464327
+Ref: mbox makebox height464327
+Ref: mbox makebox width464327
+Ref: mbox makebox totalheight464327
+Node: \fbox & \framebox466422
+Ref: fbox framebox fboxrule467736
+Ref: fbox framebox fboxsep467926
+Node: \parbox469016
+Node: \raisebox471322
+Ref: raisebox depth472295
+Ref: raisebox height472295
+Ref: raisebox width472295
+Ref: raisebox totalheight472295
+Node: \sbox & \savebox472996
+Node: lrbox476058
+Node: \usebox476944
+Node: Color477383
+Node: Color package options478182
+Node: Color models479828
+Ref: color models cmyk480625
+Ref: color models gray480988
+Ref: color models rgb481137
+Ref: color models RGB481474
+Ref: color models named481849
+Node: Commands for color482137
+Node: Define colors482552
+Node: Colored text483277
+Node: Colored boxes485674
+Node: Colored pages487063
+Node: Graphics487756
+Node: Graphics package options489883
+Node: Graphics package configuration492636
+Node: \graphicspath493438
+Node: \DeclareGraphicsExtensions496396
+Node: \DeclareGraphicsRule498214
+Node: Commands for graphics501395
+Node: \includegraphics501900
+Ref: includegraphics width506963
+Ref: includegraphics height507496
+Ref: includegraphics totalheight507902
+Ref: includegraphics keepaspectratio508166
+Ref: includegraphics viewport509852
+Ref: includegraphics trim510247
+Ref: includegraphics clip510703
+Ref: includegraphics page510963
+Ref: includegraphics pagebox511054
+Ref: includegraphics interpolate511919
+Ref: includegraphics quiet512124
+Ref: includegraphics draft512285
+Ref: includegraphics bb513090
+Ref: includegraphics bbllx513488
+Ref: includegraphics bblly513488
+Ref: includegraphics bburx513488
+Ref: includegraphics bbury513488
+Ref: includegraphics natwidth513630
+Ref: includegraphics natheight513630
+Ref: includegraphics hiresbb513816
+Ref: includegraphics type514578
+Ref: includegraphics ext514618
+Ref: includegraphics read514721
+Ref: includegraphics command514838
+Node: \rotatebox515084
+Node: \scalebox517938
+Node: \resizebox518994
+Node: Special insertions520186
+Node: Reserved characters521054
+Node: Upper and lower case522314
+Node: Symbols by font position524700
+Node: Text symbols525379
+Node: Accents530363
+Node: \accent532516
+Node: Additional Latin letters534278
+Ref: Non-English characters534460
+Node: inputenc package535479
+Node: \rule538029
+Node: \today539217
+Node: Splitting the input540153
+Node: \endinput541895
+Node: \include & \includeonly543198
+Node: \input547495
+Node: Front/back matter548710
+Node: Table of contents etc.549043
+Node: \@dottedtocline554748
+Node: \addcontentsline556294
+Node: \addtocontents559172
+Node: \contentsline561389
+Node: \nofiles563082
+Node: \numberline563833
+Node: Indexes564948
+Node: \index566622
+Node: makeindex571727
+Ref: makeindex preamble573395
+Ref: makeindex postamble573535
+Ref: makeindex group skip573620
+Ref: makeindex letheadflag573953
+Ref: makeindex lethead prefix574414
+Ref: makeindex lethead suffix574566
+Ref: makeindex item 0574714
+Ref: makeindex item 1574794
+Ref: makeindex item 2574869
+Ref: makeindex item 01574947
+Ref: makeindex item x1575052
+Ref: makeindex item 12575257
+Ref: makeindex item x2575365
+Ref: makeindex delim 0575525
+Ref: makeindex delim 1575655
+Ref: makeindex delim 2575785
+Ref: makeindex delim n575911
+Ref: makeindex delim r576046
+Ref: makeindex line max576154
+Ref: makeindex indent space576289
+Ref: makeindex indent length576384
+Ref: makeindex page precedence576569
+Node: \printindex577604
+Node: Glossaries578077
+Node: \newglossaryentry580044
+Node: \gls581511
+Node: Letters582305
+Node: \address585923
+Node: \cc586734
+Node: \closing587176
+Node: \encl587490
+Node: \location587904
+Node: \makelabels588168
+Node: \name590485
+Node: \opening590726
+Node: \ps591007
+Node: \signature591296
+Node: \telephone592524
+Node: Input/output592889
+Node: \openin & \openout593619
+Node: \read596362
+Node: \typein597549
+Node: \typeout598809
+Node: \write599859
+Node: \write and security604586
+Node: \message605530
+Node: \wlog607359
+Node: \write18607860
+Node: Command line interface611351
+Ref: Command line611515
+Node: Command line options613668
+Ref: interaction modes614671
+Ref: output directory615625
+Node: Command line input617324
+Node: Jobname619355
+Node: Recovering from errors622497
+Node: Document templates623925
+Node: beamer template624359
+Node: article template625001
+Node: book template625464
+Node: Larger book template625943
+Node: Index627485
+Ref: Command Index627571
 End Tag Table

Modified: trunk/latex2e.pdf
(Binary files differ)

Modified: trunk/latex2e.texi
--- trunk/latex2e.texi	2021-08-03 04:20:53 UTC (rev 938)
+++ trunk/latex2e.texi	2021-08-03 18:13:00 UTC (rev 939)
@@ -14713,11 +14713,9 @@
 @cindex spaces
 @cindex white space
- at LaTeX{} has many ways to produce white (or filled) space.  Some of
-these are best suited to mathematical text; see at tie{}@ref{Spacing in
-math mode}.  Some spacing commands are suitable for both regular text
-and mathematical text; versions of some of these commands are in this
+ at LaTeX{} has many ways to produce white space, or filled space.  Some of
+these are best suited to mathematical text; for these
+see at tie{}@ref{Spacing in math mode}.
 Horizontal space 

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