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Fri Apr 17 00:04:37 CEST 2020

Author: karl
Date: 2020-04-17 01:04:37 +0300 (Fri, 17 Apr 2020)
New Revision: 795

(\write18): omit sagetex example

Modified: trunk/ChangeLog
--- trunk/ChangeLog	2020-04-16 21:19:28 UTC (rev 794)
+++ trunk/ChangeLog	2020-04-16 22:04:37 UTC (rev 795)
@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
+2020-04-16  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
+	* latex2e.texi (\write18): omit sagetex example, as often not
+	needed directly. Vincent, 16 Apr 2020 13:11:19 +0200.
+	Don't use typewriter for the big graphics packages' names.
+	More index entries.
 2020-04-16  Vincent Belaïche  <vincentb1 at users.sourceforge.net>
 	* latex2e.texi (Command line): Fix menu descriptions, as per

Modified: trunk/latex2e.texi
--- trunk/latex2e.texi	2020-04-16 21:19:28 UTC (rev 794)
+++ trunk/latex2e.texi	2020-04-16 22:04:37 UTC (rev 795)
@@ -6062,10 +6062,10 @@
 @end example
 An environment to create simple pictures containing lines, arrows,
-boxes, circles, and text.  Note that while this environment is not
-obsolete, new documents typically use much more powerful graphics
-creation systems, such as @code{TikZ}, @code{PSTricks}, @code{MetaPost},
-or @code{Asymptote}.  These are not covered in this document; see CTAN.
+boxes, circles, and text.  This environment is not obsolete, but new
+documents typically use much more powerful graphics creation systems,
+such as TikZ, PSTricks, MetaPost, or Asymptote.  These are not
+covered in this document; see CTAN.
 This shows the parallelogram law for adding vectors.
@@ -6406,9 +6406,10 @@
 (4,2) (if you choose the latter then instead of lines you get sequences
 of arrowheads; the solution is to switch to the former).  To get lines
 of arbitrary slope and plenty of other shapes in a system like
- at code{picture}, see the package @file{pict2e} on CTAN.  Another solution
-is to use a full-featured graphics system such as @file{TikZ}, or
- at file{PSTricks}, or @file{MetaPost}, or @file{Asymptote}
+ at code{picture}, see the package @file{pict2e}
+(@url{https://ctan.org/pkg/pict2e}).  Another solution
+is to use a full-featured graphics system such as TikZ, PSTricks,
+MetaPost, or Asymptote.
 @node \linethickness
@@ -20027,20 +20028,20 @@
 control of the distribution maintainers (@pxref{Command line
-Some packages need to run external system commands. For instance
- at file{sagetex} allows you to have the mathematics software system
- at i{Sage} do calculations or draw graphs and then incorporate that
-output in your document. For this you must run @LaTeX{} with full
- at code{\write18} capability turned on.
+ at findex /bin/sh at r{, used by @code{\write18}}
 @findex sh at r{, used by @code{\write18}}
 @findex cmd.exe at r{, used by @code{\write18}}
+ at findex SHELL at r{, environment variables}
 The @var{shell_command} text is always passed to @file{/bin/sh} on
 Unix-like operating systems, and the DOS command interpreter
 @file{cmd.exe} on Windows. Any different shell set by the user, and
 the @code{SHELL} environment variable, is ignored.
+ at cindex system information
+ at cindex operating system information
+ at cindex locale information, from system
+ at cindex directory listings, from system
 If what you need is system information, such as the operating system
 name, locale information, or directory contents, take a look at the
 @file{texosquery} package, which provides a convenient and secure

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