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Javier email at dante.de
Mon Dec 26 17:38:04 CET 2022

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/babel
On branch  : main
Link       : https://github.com/latex3/babel/commit/f9cbf1c1fc707b7470b17bac02d2127b7f1f6bbf


commit f9cbf1c1fc707b7470b17bac02d2127b7f1f6bbf
Author: Javier <email at localhost>
Date:   Mon Dec 26 17:38:04 2022 +0100

    Bump to 3.84.
    Also reject changes in 'base'.


 README.md    |  26 +++++-------------
 babel.dtx    |  86 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 babel.ins    |   2 +-
 babel.pdf    | Bin 900809 -> 902955 bytes
 bbcompat.dtx |   2 +-
 5 files changed, 70 insertions(+), 46 deletions(-)

diff --git a/README.md b/README.md
index 40f268f..7efdf6d 100644
--- a/README.md
+++ b/README.md
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-## Babel 3.83.2957
+## Babel 3.84
 This package manages culturally-determined typographical (and other)
 rules, and hyphenation patterns for a wide range of languages. Many
@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ is a set of ini files for about 250 languages.
 The latest stable version is available on <https://ctan.org/pkg/babel>.
-Changes in version 3.83 are described in:
+Changes in version 3.84 are described in:
 Apart from the manual, you can find information on some aspects of babel at:
@@ -46,26 +46,14 @@ respective authors.
 ### Summary of latest changes
-3.84  (dev)
+3.84  2022-12-26
       * Automatic selection of encodings with \babelprovide and pdftex.
-      * Option 'base' now ignores unknown options.
       * Fixes:
         - With 'select.write = omit' the main language wasn’t selected
           in the aux file.
-        - New option counters* the pre-expand \thepage.
-        - #297
-3.83  2022-11-30
-      * Improved Punjabi, thanks to Arvinder Singh (@punjab).
-      * Compatibility with 'lscape', thanks to Salim Bou (@seloumi).
-      * New locale files: Kaingang, Nheengatu, Sardinian.
-      * Better handling of `leqno` with `amsmath`.
-      * Fixes:
-        - Wrong date format for Australian in babel-en-AU.ini (#195)
-        - Option handling was broken with braces (#198)
-        - Stray punctuation with tikz lead to lua error (#197)
-        - Hungarian as a secondary language reordered some captions
-          (#203).
+        - Incorrect link box in end of line if it is preceded by a
+          non-Arabic character (#207)
+        - New option counters* the pre-expand \thepage. See #26.
 ### Previous changes
diff --git a/babel.dtx b/babel.dtx
index fb31c70..fe81253 100644
--- a/babel.dtx
+++ b/babel.dtx
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
 % \iffalse
-\ProvidesFile{babel.dtx}[2022/12/20 v3.83.2957 The Babel package]
+\ProvidesFile{babel.dtx}[2022/12/26 v3.84 The Babel package]
@@ -587,6 +587,13 @@ language (eg, |lu| can be the locale name with tag |khb| or the tag for
 |lubakatanga|). See section \ref{bcp47} for further details.
+\New{3.84} With \pdftex, when a language is loaded on the fly
+(actually, with |\babelprovide|) selectors now set the font encoding
+based on the list provided when loading |fontenc|. Not all scripts have
+an associated encoding, so this feature works only with Latin,
+Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Cherokee, Armenian, and Georgian,
+provided a suitable font is found.
 \New{3.9c} The basic behavior of some languages can be modified when
@@ -2902,8 +2909,18 @@ date in the way users would expect in their own culture. Currently,
 \textsf{ini} locale file has been imported), but year, month and day
 had to be entered by hand, which is very inconvenient. With this macro,
 the current date is converted and stored in the three last arguments,
-which must be macros: allowed calendars are |buddhist|, |coptic|,
-|hebrew|, |islamic-civil|, |islamic-umalqura|, |persian|. The optional
+which must be macros.
+Allowed calendars are
+  |buddhist|\\
+  |coptic|\\
+  |ethiopic|\\
+  |hebrew|\\
+  |islamic-civil|\\
+  |islamic-umalqura|\\
+  |persian|
+The optional
 argument converts the given date, in the form
 ‘\m{year}-\m{month}-\m{day}’. Please, refer to the page on the news for
 3.76 in the \babel{} site for further details.
@@ -3285,7 +3302,7 @@ four characters: \textit{!?:;}\,.}
 \trans{Indic scripts}{danda.nobreak}{Prevents a line break before a
 danda or double danda if there is a space. For Assamese, Bengali,
-Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu.}
+Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu.}
 \trans{Latin}{digraphs.ligatures}{Replaces the groups \textit{ae},
 \textit{AE}, \textit{oe}, \textit{OE} with \textit{æ}, \textit{Æ},
@@ -3741,6 +3758,10 @@ required by all engines.
   course, you may always adjust the order by changing the language, if
+  \New{3.84} Since |\thepage| is (indirectly) redefined, |makeindex|
+  will reject many entries as invalid. With |counters*| \babel{}
+  attempts to remove the conflicting macros.
 \item[lists] required in \xetex{} and \pdftex{}, but only in
 bidirectional (with both R and L paragraphs) documents in \luatex{}.
@@ -4137,14 +4158,37 @@ empty, removes them. The last argument is the locale name:
 \New{3.36} Sometimes you might need to disable some \babel{} features.
-Currently this macro understands the following keys (and only for
-\textsf{luatex}), with values |on| or |off|: |bidi.text|,
-|bidi.mirroring|, |bidi.mapdigits|, |layout.lists|, |layout.tabular|,
-|linebreak.sea|, |linebreak.cjk|, |justify.arabic|. For example, you can set
-|\babeladjust{bidi.text=off}| if you are using an alternative algorithm
-or with large sections not requiring it. Use with care, because these
-options do not deactivate other related options (like paragraph
-direction with |bidi.text|).
+Currently this macro understands the following keys [to be documented],
+with values |on| or |off|:
+% bidi.mapdigits\\
+Other keys [to be documented] are:
+For example, you can set |\babeladjust{bidi.text=off}| if you are using
+an alternative algorithm or with large sections not requiring it. Use
+with care, because these options do not deactivate other related
+options (like paragraph direction with |bidi.text|).
 \subsection{Tips, workarounds, known issues and notes}
@@ -5194,8 +5238,8 @@ help from Bernd Raichle, for which I am grateful.
 % \section{Tools}
 %    \begin{macrocode}
 %    \end{macrocode}
 % \textbf{Do not use the following macros in \texttt{ldf} files. They
@@ -5731,16 +5775,10 @@ help from Bernd Raichle, for which I am grateful.
   \input babel.def
   \let\bbl at onlyswitch\@undefined
-    \DeclareOption*{%
-      \bbl at ifunset{l@\CurrentOption}%
-        {\bbl at warning{Ignoring \CurrentOption\space with 'base'\\}}%
-        {\bbl at patterns{\CurrentOption}}}%
+    \DeclareOption*{\bbl at patterns{\CurrentOption}}%
     \input luababel.def
-    \DeclareOption*{%
-      \bbl at ifunset{l@\CurrentOption}%
-        {\bbl at warning{Ignoring \CurrentOption\space with 'base'\\}}%
-        {\bbl at patterns@lua{\CurrentOption}}}%
+    \DeclareOption*{\bbl at patterns@lua{\CurrentOption}}%
@@ -11259,8 +11297,6 @@ help from Bernd Raichle, for which I am grateful.
   \bbl at adjust@layout{\let\list\bbl at NL@list}}
 \@namedef{bbl at ADJ@layout.lists at off}{%
   \bbl at adjust@layout{\let\list\bbl at OL@list}}
-\@namedef{bbl at ADJ@hyphenation.extra at on}{%
-  \bbl at activateposthyphen}
 \@namedef{bbl at ADJ@autoload.bcp47 at on}{%
   \bbl at bcpallowedtrue}
@@ -11310,7 +11346,7 @@ help from Bernd Raichle, for which I am grateful.
     \expandafter\babel at aux\expandafter{\bbl at main@language}{}}%
   \let\bbl at restorelastskip\relax
   \def\bbl at savelastskip##1\bbl at restorelastskip{}}
-\@namedef{bbl at ADJ@encoding.select at off}{%
+\@namedef{bbl at ADJ@select.encoding at off}{%
   \let\bbl at encoding@select at off\@empty}
 %    \end{macrocode}
diff --git a/babel.ins b/babel.ins
index b8186f2..fde40b7 100644
--- a/babel.ins
+++ b/babel.ins
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 %% and covered by LPPL is defined by the unpacking scripts (with
 %% extension .ins) which are part of the distribution.
 \input docstrip.tex
diff --git a/babel.pdf b/babel.pdf
index 2ab8b18..7f740c3 100644
Binary files a/babel.pdf and b/babel.pdf differ
diff --git a/bbcompat.dtx b/bbcompat.dtx
index 8e94172..1fc18c4 100644
--- a/bbcompat.dtx
+++ b/bbcompat.dtx
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
 % \iffalse
-\ProvidesFile{bbcompat.dtx}[2022/12/20 v3.83.2957]
+\ProvidesFile{bbcompat.dtx}[2022/12/26 v3.84]
 %% File 'bbcompat.dtx'

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