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commit d0c51caabd16c20c6d90935107a880039982ecea
Author: Javier <email at localhost>
Date:   Sun Dec 25 18:37:41 2022 +0100

    Start 3.84.


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       <!-- -->
       <li><a href="#">News</a>
+        <li><a href="https://latex3.github.io/babel/news/whats-new-in-babel-3.84.html">3.84</a></li>
         <li><a href="https://latex3.github.io/babel/news/whats-new-in-babel-3.83.html">3.83</a></li>
         <li><a href="https://latex3.github.io/babel/news/whats-new-in-babel-3.82.html">3.82</a></li>
         <li><a href="https://latex3.github.io/babel/news/whats-new-in-babel-3.81.html">3.81</a></li>
diff --git a/docs/index.md b/docs/index.md
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--- a/docs/index.md
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@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ case, it's advisable to install TeXLive.)
 | Version | Most relevant changes
 | --- | --- |
+| [3.84](news/whats-new-in-babel-3.84.html) | (dev) Auto-selection of encodings in `pdftex` |
 | [3.83](news/whats-new-in-babel-3.83.html) | Improved Punjabi. `lscape`. |
 | [3.82](news/whats-new-in-babel-3.82.html) | Tibetan with XeTeX. Improved `\babelprovide` (with transforms).|
 | [3.81](news/whats-new-in-babel-3.81.html) | Tentative Tibetan justification. Option `letters` for `onchar`|
diff --git a/docs/media/auto-encoding.png b/docs/media/auto-encoding.png
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index 0000000..6d7bbc9
Binary files /dev/null and b/docs/media/auto-encoding.png differ
diff --git a/docs/news/whats-new-in-babel-3.84.md b/docs/news/whats-new-in-babel-3.84.md
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index 0000000..bc48ada
--- /dev/null
+++ b/docs/news/whats-new-in-babel-3.84.md
@@ -0,0 +1,73 @@
+# What's new in babel 3.84
+<span style="color:red;">⚠</span> There are some issues with the
+new `\MakeUppercase` and `\MakeLowercase`. For further details, see:
+[Localization of \MakeUppercase and \MakeLowercase broken](https://github.com/latex3/babel/issues/189)
+## Encodings with pdftex and `\babelprovide`
+With `pdftex`, when a language is loaded with `\babelprovide`,
+selectors now set the font encoding based on the list provided when
+loading `fontenc`. This mechanism has been devised primarily for
+words or short texts in other languages loaded on the fly (although
+with RTL scripts you still need `bidi=default`), and it’s, in some
+sense, the equivalent in this engine of the automatic setting of
+language and script in `xetex` and `luatex`.
+The rules for the assigned encoding are the following:
+* If the valid encodings as set in the `ini` file contain the main font
+  encoding, use this one.
+* Otherwise, select the first encoding set in the `ini` file and
+  declared with `fontspec`.
+You can customize its behaviour in several ways:
+* Disable it altogether with `\babeladjust{ encoding.select = off }`.
+* Modify the encoding list in the `ini` file with
+  `identification/encodings =` in `\babelprovide` with a space
+  separated list, by order of preference (of course, this is not
+  possible with locales loaded on the fly).
+A simple example is the following:
+\usepackage[T2A, LGR, T5, T1]{fontenc}
+English \foreignlanguage{greek}{Ελληνικά} English.
+Български \foreignlanguage{vietnamese}{Tiếng Việt} български.
+## New option `layout=counters*` 
+The option `layout=counters` redefines some counters for they to be
+printed in the correct order. Sadly, the added macros are written to
+the `idx` files, which break `makeindex`. The option `counters*` attempts
+to remove the conflicting macros in the following way:
+* `pdftex` and `xetex` pre-expand `\thepage` just before it’s written by
+  the output routine, so that the expanded string doesn’t include them.
+  This means the modified `\thepage` is written to the `aux` file, too.
+* `luatex` processes the string to be written with a callback, only when
+  `\indexentry` is present.
+## Fixes
+* With 'select.write = omit' the main language wasn’t selected
+  in the aux file.
+* Incorrect link box in end of line if it is preceded by a non-Arabic
+  character (#207). Note that, very often, directions in labels and the
+  like must be overriden, because the bidi algorithm knows nothing
+  about the ‘semantics’ of text. This can be done with `\mbox` and
+  `\babelsublr`.
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