[l2h] Math environment conversion - latex2html Version 2008 vs Version 2019

David Melgar davidmlgr at yahoo.es
Mon Jan 11 12:17:22 CET 2021

Hello together,
I  have been using an older version of latex2html under Debina 8.LaTeX2HTML Version 2008 (1.71)
Now had to move to current version, running under Debian 10.LaTeX2HTML Version 2019 (Released January 1, 2019)
With Version 2008, I would get following conversion of a math environment:
With the current Version 2019 I do get following:

<TD ALIGN="RIGHT"><SPAN CLASS="MATH"><IMG STYLE="height: 2.04ex; vertical-align: -0.55ex; " SRC="img1.png"


The command line arguments were: 
 latex2html -no_subdir -no_auto_link -split 0 -html_version=4.0 theTexFile.tex

Is there a chance to get exactly the same tags (use of With and Height in stead of Style) as with version 2008  using version 2019 or any other version Debian 10 compatible?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,David M.
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