[l2h] images generated for math have black bar at bottom

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Thu Jul 19 12:24:01 CEST 2018

shige 07/19 2018

Berna Massingill wrote:
| Following up because I've tripped over the same problem in installing
| a 2018 version of latex2html:
| To recap, the problem turned out to be that l2hconf.pm had this line:
| $DVIPSOPT = ' -Ppdf  -E';
| instead of this line:
| $DVIPSOPT = ' -E';
| I wondered how I had missed copying this configuration tweak when
| I copied over the others, but I think I understand now how that 
| happened:  

Before install the latex2html, you must edit the file "prefs.pm".
In prefs.pm, 

 $prefs{'DVIPSOPT'} = ' -Ppdf';

is defined, it becomes the value of $newcfg{'DVIPSOPT'} in
config/config.pl, '-E' option is appended to the value, and
the value is written to cfgcache.pm.
Then, @DVIPSOPT@ in l2hconf.pin is substituted to the value at
making l2hconf.pm by config/build.pl which loads cfgcache.pm.

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