[l2h] inline \verb does not work when data on windows and using latex2html from Linux in VBox

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Thu May 10 07:28:04 CEST 2012

On 5/9/2012 10:04 PM, Bob van der Poel wrote:
> This is not a solution ... but since you seem to have identified the
> location of the problem have you considered inserting some print
> statements right before/after the dbmopen{} calls. See that the value
> of TMP, etc. is.
> BTW, I don't do Perl ... and every time I see Perl code it reminds me
> of the reason :)

Yes, I did all of that actually earlier. I put the
log files here


I compared it to when the file is on Linux disk vs. when
the file is on windows disl, and did a diff, no difference in
both log files other than the path to the .tex file ofcourse.

But there is something I did not understand, I assumed
it is Perl thing. Here it is.

I edited latex2html.perl and added this print (I know
how to make print in perl only :)

   dbmopen(%verb, "$TMP_${dd}verb",0755);
   print "TMP=$TMP  all=$TMP_${dd}verb\n ";

When now I run it like this

latex2html -tmp /home/me/TMP t.tex

now I see on the terminal this:

Note: Images will be generated in /home/me/TMP/l2h21964
texexpand V2008 (Revision 1.12)

TMP=/home/me/TMP  all=TMP/verb
Loading /usr/share/latex2html/styles/texdefs.perl...
Package: loading /usr/share/latex2html/styles/article.perl
Package: loading /usr/share/latex2html/styles/html.perl
Reading ...
TMP=/home/me/TMP  all=TMP/verb
TMP=/home/me/TMP  all=TMP/verb
Translating ...
0/1:top of t: for t.htm

  *** translating preamble ***
  *** preamble done ***

NOTICE: that "$TMP_${dd}verb"  prints as TMP/verb

(this is what I called 'all' above). I think ${dd} is
the slash "/". I do not know what _${dd} is supposed
to be.

But $TMP on its own, is the same as I told it to use. So
this part is OK.

I assumed I am just not printing it ok, may be _$ has
special meaning in perl and that why it comes out like

I looked at the folder on widnows disk afterwords to see
if I see a TMP folder there, and I see nothing. But I think it
is deleted quickly after being used by dbm?

So, I do not know what to make of this now. I need to
study perl more to know why 'all' above prints TMP/verb
and not what I expected which is /home/me/TMP/verb.


> Hope this helps.
> On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 7:32 PM, Nasser M. Abbasi<nma at 12000.org>  wrote:
>> An update on what I tried:
>> I think the problem is related to dbm(). looking
>> at /usr/bin/latex2html.perl  I tried to understand
>> how it handles the db opening and closing and why
>> that fails when the .tex file is on the mounted
>> shared disk vs. when it is not on the mounted disk.
>> I could not, since I do not know enough perl to
>> understand what it is doing. But my theory i now
>> is this:
>> It seems to create files for the db itself, under
>> TMP to store the verb data as Ross explained before.
>> -------latex2html.perl ---------------------------
>> sub open_dbm_database {
>>     # These are DBM (unix DataBase Management) arrays which are actually
>>     # stored in external files. They are used for communication between
>>     # the main process and forked child processes;
>>     print STDOUT "\n"; # this mysteriously prevents a core dump !
>>     dbmopen(%verb, "$TMP_${dd}verb",0755);
>> #    dbmopen(%verbatim, "$TMP_${dd}verbatim",0755);
>>     dbmopen(%verb_delim, "$TMP_${dd}verb_delim",0755);
>>     dbmopen(%expanded,"$TMP_${dd}expanded",0755);
>> ------------------------------------------
>> I think it is creating these using file naming
>> which does not work on the NTFS file system or
>> using permissions that are not supported on windows
>> file system.
>> Even though I made sure the TMP is on Linux by using
>> latex2html -tmp /home/me/TMP   foo.tex
>> I also did export TMP=/home/me/TMP in addition
>> to the above just to be sure.
>> So, TMP/ is supposed to be on Linux disk, not windows,
>> and I see it is.
>> But it seems that somewhere in the db processing
>> this chnages? and TMP for that part only goes back
>> to NTFS disk (current folder where my .tex file on
>> windows disk), and it then tries to make the dbm files
>> there, and could not create them, either due to strange
>> permission it uses (0755) or something like this.
>> (I do not know if it checks for errors from dbm
>> anywhere).
>> Since the only difference is the file system,
>> I think it is related to the dbm files used, since
>> that is where the \verb info is stored. I noticed
>> that \verbatim perl code is commented out there
>> in the dbm() related functions also as you can
>> see above.
>> What I now do, is copy the folder I want to run
>> l2h on to linux, run the makefile there to build
>> the html, then copy the folder back to my windows
>> disk.
>> thanks,
>> --Nasser
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