[l2h] inline \verb does not work when data on windows and using latex2html from Linux in VBox

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Thu May 10 09:20:13 CEST 2012

On 5/10/2012 1:43 AM, Ross Moore wrote:

> There are two variables here:
>     $TMP
>     $TMP_
> as well as the system-dependent  ${dd} .
> $TMP  is  /home/me/TMP   a full path
> $TMP_  is  TMP    just the directory name,
>      (relative to the current working directory)
> $TMP is used for image generation, which is done
> by separate programs.
> $TMP_  is the scratch subdirectory that is usually
>    removed at the end of the job.
> But if you use  -debug  then it is not removed, so that
> you can examine the files in there to help debug a problem.

Thank you Dr Moore! that really helps. I had no idea there are
2 different TMPs there. I been using l2h for years, and this
is the first time I knew this.

I just verified what you said, and using -debug did indeed
leave a TMP folder on windows disk! even though I used -tmp
to tell it to use the Linux disk.

I think we are getting close to the problem, because if dbm()
uses this scratch TMP and not the other TMP then this would be it.

I really think dbm() is not able to create its files on
the windows disk (due to NTFS not compatible with the
permissions it is using, but dbm() or l2h is not checking
the return code somewhere on its file IO operation).

Is there a way to tell latex2html which scratch $TMP_ to use?
Just like there is a way to tell it about the other $TMP
directory?  (may be we should given these TMP's names
from now on:

   scratch  TMP
   graphics TMP  <---- this is the one affected by -tmp option

so it will be more clear.

fyi, I just put the content of the scratch TMP folder in a zip


It will be great if looking at it you can spot the problem,

but now I am sure it is due to dbm() having problem creating
its temporary files on the windows disk.

If I can tell it to use different disk for the scratch TMP,
then I think this problem will be resolved.


>> I assumed I am just not printing it ok, may be _$ has
>> special meaning in perl and that why it comes out like
>> this.
> No. '_' is just an ordinary alphanumeric letter.
> It combines with other alphanumerics to create a name.
> ${dd} is essentially the same as $dd .
> But if you wrote  "$TMP_ ${dd}verb" then there would be an
> unwanted space:  "TMP /verb" .
>> I looked at the folder on widnows disk afterwords to see
>> if I see a TMP folder there, and I see nothing. But I think it
>> is deleted quickly after being used by dbm?
> Use the   -debug   switch to  latex2html .
> Then  TMP/  will remain.
>> So, I do not know what to make of this now. I need to
>> study perl more to know why 'all' above prints TMP/verb
>> and not what I expected which is /home/me/TMP/verb.
>> thanks,
>> --Nasser
> Hope this helps,
> 	Ross
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