[l2h] inline \verb does not work when data on windows and using latex2html from Linux in VBox

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Thu May 10 04:32:59 CEST 2012

An update on what I tried:

I think the problem is related to dbm(). looking
at /usr/bin/latex2html.perl  I tried to understand
how it handles the db opening and closing and why
that fails when the .tex file is on the mounted
shared disk vs. when it is not on the mounted disk.

I could not, since I do not know enough perl to
understand what it is doing. But my theory i now
is this:

It seems to create files for the db itself, under
TMP to store the verb data as Ross explained before.

-------latex2html.perl ---------------------------
sub open_dbm_database {
     # These are DBM (unix DataBase Management) arrays which are actually
     # stored in external files. They are used for communication between
     # the main process and forked child processes;
     print STDOUT "\n"; # this mysteriously prevents a core dump !

     dbmopen(%verb, "$TMP_${dd}verb",0755);
#    dbmopen(%verbatim, "$TMP_${dd}verbatim",0755);
     dbmopen(%verb_delim, "$TMP_${dd}verb_delim",0755);

I think it is creating these using file naming
which does not work on the NTFS file system or
using permissions that are not supported on windows
file system.

Even though I made sure the TMP is on Linux by using

latex2html -tmp /home/me/TMP   foo.tex

I also did export TMP=/home/me/TMP in addition
to the above just to be sure.

So, TMP/ is supposed to be on Linux disk, not windows,
and I see it is.

But it seems that somewhere in the db processing
this chnages? and TMP for that part only goes back
to NTFS disk (current folder where my .tex file on
windows disk), and it then tries to make the dbm files
there, and could not create them, either due to strange
permission it uses (0755) or something like this.

(I do not know if it checks for errors from dbm

Since the only difference is the file system,
I think it is related to the dbm files used, since
that is where the \verb info is stored. I noticed
that \verbatim perl code is commented out there
in the dbm() related functions also as you can
see above.

What I now do, is copy the folder I want to run
l2h on to linux, run the makefile there to build
the html, then copy the folder back to my windows


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