[l2h] inline \verb does not work when data on windows and using latex2html from Linux in VBox

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Thu May 10 02:09:40 CEST 2012

On 5/9/2012 5:40 PM, Ross Moore wrote:

> The text that needs to be kept verbatim (and not processed
> to expand macros, etc.) is stored in a database file,
> and replaced inline by the database key to that piece of text.
> Once all macros have been expanded, and other processing tasks
> performed, that key is used to replace the text.
> Different operating systems use different database software.
> My guess would be that under recent versions of Windows,
> the commands to open/close/read the database file may no longer
> be appropriate for that OS, after the 10+ years since that Perl
> coding was written.  Yet it has stayed constant under Linux.
> This is the direction that you should be looking.
> Since I don't use Windows, I cannot explore this myself.

Thanks Ross, this really helps, but it made me more
confused now :)

First, I assume you mean the dbm database, as per this


"DBM  or NDBM , the Unix DataBase Management system,
or GDBM , the GNU database manager. Note: Some systems
lack any DBM support. Perl 5 comes with its own database
system SDBM, but it is sometimes not part of some
Perl distributions."

But I am running Latex2html on Linux.  So, if any data
base is being used, it will on Linux. Perl uses in
Linux perl. Everything I do is on Linux, it is only
the file itself (the .tex) is sitting on windows disk.

So, I do not understand why would different database be
used, or windows OS be involved in any
way here? When you say

"Different operating systems use different database software"

But I am using Linux? It is a virtual machine, running

Please note again, this only affect \verb , but
\begin{verbatim} is not affected. If the database you
mention handles all verbatim, then why it only affects
\verb and not \begin{verbatim}?

Would you please happen to know if there is a configuration
option to tell Latex2html to change how it process \verb ?

Best regards,

>> thanks
>> --Nasser
> Hope this helps,
> 	Ross
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