[l2h] LaTeX2HTML Development?

jos j at w3k.org
Sat Oct 15 01:25:37 CEST 2011

I think it would be cool to set up the latest l2h on 
github|sourceforge|googlecode|etc. and freely allow new developers to 
join in. - jos

At 05:13 PM 10/14/2011, Les R wrote:
>Hello L2H Folks,
>I've been wondering if there is going to be any ongoing development on
>L2H to add features
>or handle any issues (although looking at the list, there seems to
>very little to complain about!).
>I use L2H to generate HTML output for documentation (along with
>another wrapper to generate PDF) for
>my GPL'd school admin software.
>I would like to also generate shorter HTML docs for use as short help
>pages for users (and have for quite
>some time... I've been writing this software (and had it used) for 10
>years now ).
>To that end, I would like to do some work on enabling this sort of
>thing in L2H, but don't want to step on
>anyone else's toes, etc.  I've been writing in perl for a long time
>(of course, that doesn't mean much... (grin))
>and have been doing various kinds of markup also for a long time.
>So is anyone else doing anything I can help out with (and also add
>something to generate more granular docs
>with more anchors (and connected to database lookups, etc for use in a
>help system).
>In Summary, I want to create a help system using LaTeX markup and
>enable L2H to do so.
>Suggestions and/or Feedback?
>Les Richardson
>Open Admin for Schools
>SK, Canada
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