[l2h] LaTeX2HTML Development?

Les R openadmin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 01:13:42 CEST 2011

Hello L2H Folks,

I've been wondering if there is going to be any ongoing development on
L2H to add features
or handle any issues (although looking at the list, there seems to
very little to complain about!).

I use L2H to generate HTML output for documentation (along with
another wrapper to generate PDF) for
my GPL'd school admin software.

I would like to also generate shorter HTML docs for use as short help
pages for users (and have for quite
some time... I've been writing this software (and had it used) for 10
years now ).

To that end, I would like to do some work on enabling this sort of
thing in L2H, but don't want to step on
anyone else's toes, etc.  I've been writing in perl for a long time
(of course, that doesn't mean much... (grin))
and have been doing various kinds of markup also for a long time.

So is anyone else doing anything I can help out with (and also add
something to generate more granular docs
with more anchors (and connected to database lookups, etc for use in a
help system).

In Summary, I want to create a help system using LaTeX markup and
enable L2H to do so.

Suggestions and/or Feedback?

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools
SK, Canada

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