[l2h] Inconsistent results in a LaTeX2HTML, output, .html file for the command {\mathrsfs {L}} and no script H for the command {\mathrsfs {H}}, each using \usepackage{mathrsfs, ...., ....., .....}

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Wed Jun 8 00:18:48 CEST 2011

Hello Pat,

On 08/06/2011, at 7:12 AM, Pat Somerville wrote:

> Hello again. I had trouble producing a script L_{int}

Firstly, this would look better as:   $\mathscr{L}_{\mathrm{int}}$
otherwise the spacing between the letters 'i' 'n' 't' will be wrong,
as well as the style. Such abbreviations of words with mathematics
are meant to be in upright text, not slanted.
(e.g. \log \sin  \cos \tan etc. )

Secondly, whenever you want constructions like this it is best
to define your own macro:


or even


This simplifies the appearance of your typescript (i.e the body
of your LaTeX source)
        Here is a sentence containing $\Lint$.

especially when you are using it within more complicated expressions.


\newcommand{\etasigdot}{\dot{\eta }_{\sigma }}

   $\Hint = \dfrac{\partial \Lint}{\partial \etasigdot}\,\etasigdot - \Lint = -\Lint $

> something like \fontsize{12}{14}\selectfont ${\mathscr {L}}_{int}$, altogether something like this:
> \begin{equation}
> \mbox{Here is a sentence containing \fontsize{12}{14}\selectfont ${\mathscr {L}}_{int}$.}
> \end{equation}

Why are you specifying sizes like this?
LaTeX provides macros  \large  \Large  etc.  to do this properly
and consistently for both the text and math content.

Stuff like  \fontsize{12}{14}\selectfont  should only ever be used
within macro expansions, written by experts who have worked through
every aspect of the consequences.

> I found a manual for LaTeX2HTML on the Internet at http://www.astr.ku.dk/software/latex2html/manual/node8.htm#SECTION00052100000000000000. According to what I read there to implement a .sty file of the form Name.sty there should be a corresponding file of the form Name.perl within a directory ..../styles. But I did not find any such mathrsfs.perl file in my installation of the directory ..../styles; a search of the entire Internet for mathrsfs.perl also yielded no found results. So I presume that a mathrsfs.perl file might not exist in public.

That is true. There is no  mathrsfs.perl  with LaTeX2HTML.
All it does is change the font being used for script letters.
This is not relevant at all to HTML, when you need to be creating
images of these characters anyway.

> Could some of the awkwardness I found using mathrsfs with LaTeX2HTML be because of that?

LaTeX2HTML always has difficulty making images of script letters,
because they place ink *outside* the stated typesetting width
and/or height.

This means that the black "cropping bars", that LaTeX2HTML uses
to try to capture the necessary size for an image, are quite likely
to not catch it all. Then images do not get cropped to the correct
size. Hence you may see black lines at the left and bottom
of an image.

> Assuming so, could one of you familiar with the Perl scripting language suggest a mathrsfs.perl which would minimally enable the implementation of the command \mathscr, apparently used by or within the software package mathrsfs.sty, for various font point sizes and letters of the common Roman alphabet for the English language?
> Toward "diagnosing" some problems in generating an inline (within text) script L_{int} with the contents below of the file Throwaway8.tex, I tried roughly following a few of the suggestions I found on the Internet by:
> 1) generating a .tex file I might have called Throwaway9.tex with contents similar to the following:
> \documentstyle{article}
> \begin{document}
> some text \fbox{ more text }
> \end{document}
> .
> I didn't discover any problems as a result of executing the command "latex Throwaway9.tex".

You will never see problems this way.

To get an idea of what may be going wrong, you need to do  
     latex images.tex  
where the file images.tex was created by a fresh run 
of LaTeX2HTML, within a subdirectory of the directory
where your LaTeX source resides.

Best is to use   latex2html -debug ....
so that all temporary files are retained.
Then you can look at all aspects of what was done.

> 2) As a result of executing the command "latex Throwaway8.tex", with the file Throwaway8.tex containing the contents below, I saw messages like "Font shape 'U/rsfs/m/n' in size <13> not available
> size <12> substituted in input line 10". But apparently that was inconsequential because the inline script L_{int} was gratefully displayed well in the resulting output file Throwaway8.dvi when viewed in the program Okular.
> 3) inputting the command: dvips -o Throwaway8.ps Throwaway8.dvi
> My notes do not indicate any problems that command.
> 4) inputting the command: gs -dNODISPLAY pstoppm.ps

What is the file  pstoppm.ps ?
You shouldn't have a file of this name as part of your job.

Shouldn't it be   Throwaway8.ps  ???

> Error: /undefinedfilename in (pstoppm.ps)
> ...
> Last OS error: 2
> GPL Ghostscript 9.00: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1
> 5) inputting the command: pnmcrop Throwaway8.ppm >Throwaway8.crop.ppm
> pnmcrop: Unable to open file 'Throwaway8.ppm' for reading ....(No such file or directory)

> 6) After running a latex2html command on the file Throwaway8.tex to generage png (Portable Network Graphics) images, I found the following messages:
> pnmcrop: The image is entirely background; there is nothing to crop.
> pstoimg: Error: "/usr/bin/pnmcrop -verbose -sides -bot < /tmp/l2h5852/p5934.pnm > /tmp/l2h5852/p5934.t02" failed:
> Image "/tmp/l2h5852/p5934.pnm" is PPM, 4x5
> Running "/usr/bin/ppmquant -floyd 256 < /tmp/l2h5852/p5934.pnm | /usr/bin/pnmtopng -interlace -trans 'gray85' > img6.png"
> .
> In the file images.log a missing } was reported and reported as inserted,

That spells trouble.
I suspect that your use of unnecessary macros like  \fontsize
and  \selectfont  has screwed things up significantly.

Send me the images.tex file, because that certainly will contain
the clues as to what is going wrong.

> apparently associated with a mathscr-containing line in Throwaway8.tex. But the program LaTeX did not display such a message in the same terminal-program window in which the command "latex Throwaway8.tex" was entered using the same file Throwaway8.tex. As a result of latex2html executions it has been common to see the messages
> "
> *********** WARNINGS ***********
> No implementation found for style `mathrsfs'
> No implementation found for style `hyperref'
> Unknown math command: \mathscr , image needed.
> Done."
> displayed after inputting a latex2html command on a file like Throwaway8.html. The message "No implementation found for style `hyperref'" is understandable because, except within \usepackage{....,...,hyperref,......}, I did not use \hyperref in my current file Throwaway8.tex. However, the messages "No implementation found for style `mathrsfs'" and "Unknown math command: \mathscr, image needed" are strange because the mathrsfs-package command \mathscr does appear several times within the file Throwaway8.tex.--So I guess that these messages might mean that LaTeX2HTML did not recognize one or more appearances of \mathscr within Throwaway8.tex; or perhaps some part of LaTeX2HTML could not work with \mathscr because no image was produced which could be associated with that command(??).
> Please help with an answer to a question above, an explanation of the cause of the problems with the Ralph Smith Formal Script (rsfs) package mathrsfs using LaTeX2HTML, and/or solutions which are less awkward than the "workaround" solutions of which I wrote in this chain of e-mail letters. Thanks for your consideration.
> Pat

Hope this helps,


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